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Gregory Crafts

Actor • Playwright • Designer • Producer • Director • Game Master
Monthly Career Accountability Group Check-In for February/March 2023

Monthly Career Accountability Group Check-In for February/March 2023

So, I’m part of a Career Accountability Group. Basically, it’s a group of actors that come together monthly to hold themselves and each other accountable to doing the business and career work that is easy to ignore, neglect, or otherwise put off. Each member has a partner in the group, and partners check in with each other weekly. The group meets monthly to discuss our accomplishments for the previous month, share goals for the upcoming month, talk about news, share resources, and ask questions. Honestly, I find it absolutely invaluable.

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My DIY No-Stain Washable Fake Blood Recipe!

My DIY No-Stain Washable Fake Blood Recipe!

As anyone who dabbles in theatrical effects knows, cheap stage blood is very unforgiving and will stain your skin and clothes if you look at it the wrong way, whereas most commercially available bottles of “washable fabric-safe fake blood” come in tiny bottles that are prohibitively expensive. So, how do we keep the cleaning budget from ballooning out of control? By making it ourselves using my tried and true, super-sexy, fabric-safe, no-stain washable stage blood recipe, that’s how!

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“Gregory Crafts is always stellar, both on stage and in the directorial chair.”

– Fanbase Press

Gregory Crafts is an award-winning and critically acclaimed multi-hyphenate creative artist, with more than thirty years of industry experience as an actor, playwright, director, designer, and producer.

After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Studies in 2003, Greg migrated to Los Angeles, California, where he currently plies a multitude of trades that allow him to flex his creative muscles. He resides in North Hollywood, CA with his wife, Jenn, and their cats.

In 2008, Greg co-founded Theatre Unleashed, a 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre ensemble based in Hollywood, CA, and he proudly serves as the company’s Executive Director.

Greg is also a member of SAG-AFTRAActors’ Equity, the Dramatists Guild, a Lifetime Member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, and a founding board member of the Theatre Producers of Southern California. He has also previously served as a board member of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and Flat Tire Theatre Company.

In late 2016, Greg and his wife Jenn teamed up to form a live event venue management company. On January 1st, 2017, the pair took control of studio/stage, a unique 40-seat performance space located in L.A’s Koreatown. Now working under the banner of The StageCrafts, Jenn and Greg are always seeking new venues to add to their portfolio.

With what little free time he has, Greg enjoys supporting local theatre, reading banned books, making “to do” lists, shotgunning Star Trek reruns, memorizing Epic Rap Battles of History lyrics, fine-tuning his websites, torturing himself through 5k mud runs, livestreaming his Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and practicing Tae Kwon Do. He also nurses an unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

Gregory Crafts

Gregory Crafts


  • Creative Multi-Hyphenate
  • Theatre Maker
  • Coffee lover
  • Cat Dad
  • Professional Dungeon Master (yeah, that's a thing!)
  • Emerson Mafioso
  • Gonna be on your favorite TV show one day
  • Let's Go Red Sox!
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