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Monthly Career Accountability Group Check-In for February/March 2023

So, I'm part of a Career Accountability Group. Basically, it's a group of actors that come together monthly to hold themselves and each other accountable to doing the business and career work that is easy to ignore, neglect, or otherwise put off. Each member has a partner in the group, and partners check in with each other weekly. The group meets monthly to discuss our accomplishments for the previous month, share goals for the upcoming month, talk about news, share resources, and ask questions. Honestly, I find it absolutely invaluable.

A still from one of my practice self-tapes this month. I set this goal as part of my monthly Career Accountability Group to shoot two practice self-tapes per month. So far, so good.
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My DIY No-Stain Washable Fake Blood Recipe!

As anyone who dabbles in theatrical effects knows, cheap stage blood is very unforgiving and will stain your skin and clothes if you look at it the wrong way, whereas most commercially available bottles of "washable fabric-safe fake blood" come in tiny bottles that are prohibitively expensive. So, how do we keep the cleaning budget from ballooning out of control? By making it ourselves using my tried and true, super-sexy, fabric-safe, no-stain washable stage blood recipe, that's how!

Matt Pick as Karl and Wade F. Wilson as John McClane (covered in our no-stain stage blood recipe) in Theatre Unleashed's award-wining production of A Very DIE HARD Christmas, presented at studio/stage for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Directed by Gregory Crafts. Photo by Matt Kamimura

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