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Gregory Crafts

Actor • Playwright • Designer • Producer • Director • Game Master
My Monthly Career Check-in For November 2023

My Monthly Career Check-in For November 2023

This past month’s been pretty intense. Between designing lights for two productions back-to-back (plus doing electrical work on a third), lining up multiple new partnerships for The StageCrafts for 2024, plus a hosting a group of writers on  long weekend up in the mountains, I’ve been going pretty hard. In fact, things are getting so complicated and changing so rapidly, I’ve had to figure out a new organization system to keep track of everything.

Gregory Crafts

Gregory Crafts


  • Creative Multi-Hyphenate
  • Theatre Maker
  • Coffee lover
  • Cat Dad
  • Professional Dungeon Master (yeah, that's a thing!)
  • Emerson Mafioso
  • Gonna be on your favorite TV show one day
  • Let's Go Red Sox!
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