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Guesting on the M³ Podcast and talking about the SAG-AFTRA Strike!

Also Star Trek: The Section 31 Movie Event, a new Stargate TV show, and more!

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Posted on 26 October 2023

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Dangerously Funny, The Uncensored Story of <i>The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour</i>

Dangerously Funny, The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

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Gregory Crafts on the MCubed Podcast talking about the SAG-AFTRA strike!
A very special Wednesday Cinema Scoops episode with Harris and Jay! Also, why is my name in quotes? I swear it's me, not a Gregory Crafts impersonator. Or AI. That would be worse. Much worse.

Guesting on the M³ Podcast and talking about the SAG-AFTRA Strike!

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Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure to be a guest on the M³ Podcast’s Wednesday Cinema Scoop, hosted by my friend Harris McGrade! We talked about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA Strike and the recently-ended WGA Strike, and then chatted about small theatre in Los Angeles, my shitty strike beard, fully-voiced community-created Fallout 4 mods (and their implications for voice performers), Star Trek: Section 31, and rumors of a new Stargate television show. Give it a listen!

Also, I should say up front that I’m just a member of SAG-AFTRA that’s been out on the picket lines and supporting my union brothers and sisters. I don’t have any insider information. We talk a lot about conjecture and rumor, and I hypothesize about when I think a deal’s going to get done. But by no means am I anyone with any sort of influence or control over this. So please take this as it’s intended – friends shooting the shit about an ongoing situation.

Always great to talk to Harris and Jay. Great guys. I’m so glad they had me back, and I’ll be happy to pop back on with them again anytime!

If you missed my first appearance back in July, check it out below! Here we talked about this year’s San Diego Comic Con, walking the picket line for the WGA, the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Fringe Festivals, writing plays (and trying to get actors to say the right words), “bottle episodes” of TV shows (especially Ted Lasso’s amazing “Beard After Hours“), the art of self-tapes and if it’s any good to be a one-take wonder, Only Murders in the Building, Lower Decks vs Strange New Worlds, and what it’s like being a professional dungeon master.


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