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Monthly Career Accountability Group Check-In for March/April 2023

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Posted on 21 March 2023

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<em>The 48 Laws of Power</em> by Robert Greene

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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Coffee and check-in with my Career Accountability Partner Paulette Mihale, actress, gymnast, and kick-ass Greek

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It’s that time again! Here’s what I accomplished over the last month, and what I’m planning on accomplishing over the next few weeks. Grateful for my Career Accountability Group and my Accountability Partner to help keep me on track. Let’s go!



  • Reviewed and completed my onboarding package for Trinity Artists International
  • Checked in with my reps regarding how my new headshots are working
  • Got my submission reports from my reps
  • Scheduled coffee with both my agent and manager


  • Re-did my list of targeted TV shows, refining it to 9 shows that are actively casting now
  • Watched 16 episodes of TV


  • Signed up for Jamie Castro’s Co-Star Power Hour
  • Had coffee w/ 3 contacts, including my mentor
  • Checked in w/ Paulette 4x (including 1x in person)
  • Showed up for 1 networking event (which didn’t actually happen)
  • Got my pro badge for WonderCon
  • Booked a hotel for WonderCon and set my Con schedule/strategy

Creative Opportunities

  • Wrote 2 new episodes for Feeling Good: The Series
  • Had 1 audition, which lead to 1 callback
  • Sent off AEA paperwork to my producer for Hitchcock Lane (going up at HFF23)


  • Researched a new acting class
  • Researched a new improv class
  • Shot 1 practice self-tape


  • Posted on IG 19x
  • Wrote and posted 1 blog on my website


  • Got a haircut
  • Went to the gym 2x
  • Got approved for Global Entry




  • Review my notes from coffee in Jan/Feb
  • Review my submission reports
  • Research events/networking opportunities w/ casting offices for my target shows


  • Have coffee w/ my agent
  • Have coffee w/ my manager
  • Check in w/ Paulette 4x (including 1x in person)
  • Have coffee w/ 4 contacts
  • E-mail all of my casting contacts
  • Attend at least 1 networking event
  • Take Jamie Castro’s Co-Star Power Hour
  • Attend WonderCon

Creative Opportunities

  • Help get the 50-Seat Showcase Code filed for Hitchcock Lane
  • Write last 2 episodes of Feeling Good: The Series
  • Workshop read for Feeling Good: The Series
  • Host Theatre Unleashed Writing Retreat in April


  • Shoot 2 practice self-tapes (1 co-star, 1 guest star)
  • Audit an acting class
  • Audit an improv class


  • Post to IG 12x
  • Write and post 2 blogs on my website


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