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Musings on the cusp of 37

This Saturday is my birthday. I was born on Long Island, NY on May 26th, 1981 at 6:36 pm, EDT. I’ve been living in Los Angeles since August 25th, 2003. I was 22 when I got here. I’m turning 37. To borrow a phrase, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Quick Hits for Mid-May

Alright! I’ve been pulling ridiculous hours over at The Hobgoblin Playhouse this week, getting it up and running. And when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been designing lights for Fringe shows at studio/stage. And when I haven’t been doing that, I’ve been in rehearsal for A Very DIE HARD Christmas. And when I haven’t been doing that… well, you get the idea. Here’s a quick rundown of All The Things happening in my world right now:

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