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Tattered Capes

by Gregory Crafts

Winner, The 2019 Fringe Award for Dance & Physical Theatre






Theatre, Film


Dramatists Guild, ALAP



Ten Shows I Can’t Wait to See at #HFF19

Ten Shows I Can’t Wait to See at #HFF19

There are over 400 shows and events in the Hollywood Fringe Festival this year. Having been a part of the festival every year since the beginning, I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff; from 15-minute long mini-acid trips set to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” to Hamlet performed by lamplight in the back of a utility van, to a Brazilian sex show espousing the ethos of the Marquis de Sade.

Material Wealth

Material Wealth

MATERIAL WEALTH (Basically King Lear) is a comedy short film created for the 2019 48-Hour Comedy Film Project. From award-winning Los Angeles production company Hold For Plane Pictures. When his wealthy parents pass away, down-on-his-luck Cooper appears to have once again been forgotten, but he soon learns a valuable lesson in whatโ€™s truly important. Plus, he meets a knight!

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