Hang a Lampshade On It

by Gregory Crafts
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“[Crafts] plays hilariously with what we know, or think we do, and why we think so.”

Mark Hein

Critic, The Theatre Ghost

Hang a Lampshade On It


Two girls fall for every TV trope in the book when they discover they’re about to be the murder victims featured in the cold open of your favorite police procedural drama. A dark comedy in one act.

Hang a Lampshade On It premiered on April 7th, 2012 at Studio/Stage in Hollywood, CA as a part of Theatre Unleashed’s 24-Hour Theatre Festival, Acting Our Age: Finally Four. It was inspired by Theatre Unleashed’s long-running late night series, Tales of An Unsettled City.

Directed by Justin Baker, the cast featured Tatyana Gelfond as Karen and Corey Lynn Howe as Abby. Stage Manager Erin Scott.

Production History

May 2018
Part of Theatre Roulette
Presented by MadLab Theatre in Columbus, OH
Directed by Kyle Jepson

Karen – Kristin Green
Abby – Shana Kramer

February 2018
Part of Short+Sweet Sydney 2018
Presented at Short+Sweet Sydney in Sydney, AU
Directed by Rosie Niven

Karen – Bronte Pearce
Abby – Jo Bradley

September 2017
Winner: The O’Shadows Cup (Best in Festival)
Part of O’ShadowsFest III: In 3D
Presented by The Offending Shadows Theatre Company
Directed by Ann Hurd

Karen – Courtney Bell
Abby – Liesl Jackson

Oct-Nov 2014
Part of Stage Fright at The Belfry Stage
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Ann Hurd

Karen – Courtney Bell
Abby – Liesl Jackson

April 2012
Part of Acting Our Age: Finally Four at studio/stage
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Justin Baker

Karen – Tatyana Gelfon
Abby – Corey Lynn Howe

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