Lighting Designer

Gregory Crafts

"Gregory Crafts' lighting established time and place well."

– Daniel P. Faigin, Observations Along the Road
Review of Ada and the Engine

"Eerie red illumination and strobe lights... during the chaos that ensues... It is cathartic in a grim way."

– Steve Biodrowski,
Review of Carrie: The Musical Horror

"...great use of special effects and lighting..."

– Mike Reyes,
Review of Carrie: The Musical Horror

"Gregory Crafts lights the production with flair."

– Steven Stanley, StageSceneL.A.
Review of It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play

"...a truly impressive and subtle lighting design by Gregory Crafts, make[s] With My Eyes Shut a moving and powerful show."

- Gia On the Move
Review of With My Eyes Shut

"...some stuttering lighting effects near the conclusion may not sound like much on paper, but they thrill on stage because they release the tension so carefully built up by what preceded."

Review of The Woman in Black

"...good lighting is by Gregory Crafts..."

– Gray Palmer
Stage Raw on The Woman in Black

"Crafts' lighting is first-rate, as well."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of A Very DIE HARD Christmas

"Crafts shines (pardon the pun) as creator of a shadowy, shifting noir light design."

- The Theatre Ghost
Review of Stage Fright

"Gregory Crafts' lighting is swift, precise."

- The Theatre Ghost
Review of Only the Moon Howls

"There is one fantastic lighting element near the end of the show that gave me the kind of goosebumps you’re only supposed to have when you find out the call is coming from inside the house. Great work by Gregory Crafts there."

- Stepy Kamei, Lighting Designer
Review of Only the Moon Howls

"Gregory Crafts’ lighting design make[s] major contributions to the production."

- The Los Angeles Post
Review of Boy Gets Girl

"Gregory Crafts' lighting design and Aaron Lyons’ sound design both do the trick."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of CAKE

"Gregory Crafts' lighting leads us unobtrusively from mood to mood, world to world."

- The Theatre Ghost
Review of Ligature Marks

"Crafts’ lighting design starts out basic lights up-lights down on Smith’s white-walled set, then does exciting, dramatic things to match Ligature Marks’ exciting, dramatic second half."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of Ligature Marks

"Considering the limitations of the space, Gregory Crafts' lighting proved surprisingly effective."

- San Diego Story
Review of Friends Like These at the 2014 San Diego International Fringe Festival

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Gregory Crafts' Lighting Credits


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Focus on Acting and Lighting Design

Emerson College | Class of 2003