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About Gregory

Gregory Crafts is an award-winning multi-hyphenate creative artist, with more than twenty-five years of experience as an actor, playwright, director, designer, and theatrical producer under his belt. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Studies in 2003, Greg migrated to Los Angeles, California. He currently resides in North Hollywood, CA with his wife, Jenn, and their cats, Miranda and Bailey.

In 2008, Greg co-founded Theatre Unleashed, a 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company located in North Hollywood, CA, and currently serves as its Managing Director, where he oversees the company’s operations. Greg is also a member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, the Dramatists Guild, the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, an Ovation Voter, and a founding board member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles.

In 2016, Greg and his wife Jenn teamed up to form a live event venue management company. On January 1st, 2017, the pair took control of studio/stage, a unique performance space located in L.A's KoreaTown. Now working under the banner of The StageCrafts, Jenn and Greg are actively seeking new venues to add to their portfolio. Recently, Greg has been named the venue representative to the board of directors of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In the age of COVID-19, Greg has turned his passion for tabletop role-playing games into a new hustle, and is now working with Mastermind Adventures as a GM-for-Hire. Book him to run your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

With what little free time he has, Greg enjoys supporting local theatre, reading historical fiction, shotgunning sci-fi shows on Netflix, playing video games, designing websites, participating in 5k mud runs, collecting comic books, playing D&D, and practicing martial arts. He also nurses an unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

Awesome GM!

“Greg made a one-shot extremely enjoyable with the passion of a seasoned Dungeon Master! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to D&D, or a veteran, he makes a fun world, with enjoyable side characters. Definitely recommend checking out his campaigns, one-shot and multi-week.”

– Lee P.


Great Time. Awesome GM.

“First time ever playing D&D and Greg was excellent at explaining all of the details and easing you into the role and gameplay. He makes you feel very comfortable and gets you to engage with others. His storytelling and character play is top notch. Had a fun challenging time and definitely will be doing this again!”

– Chris M.


So Much Fun!!!

“Last night was the first time I ever played D&D despite being curious about it for years. I had so much fun getting lost in our short little adventure, and I have to say Greg was the main reason. We had quite a few newbies in our group and Greg was not only patient and helpful in creating and describing game play and our characters, he kept things challenging enough to really get us into the game! Wasn’t sure what to expect but will definitely sign up again with Greg as DM!”

– Jim M. 


"Are You Sure?"

“The great thing about Greg as a DM is he has a way of saying ‘Are you sure?’ and ‘Okay…’ that let you know you are about to get yourself, everyone you care about, and maybe even some thing you don’t care about, killed and/or erased from existence.”

– Matt L.


Such Fun!

“I’d never played a D&D type game before and wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! Greg helped us work through our initial technical difficulties and then lead us through a really fun beginners game. It was sort of a combo of D&D and an escape room, lot’s of puzzles using unique characters. I’ll be playing again!”

– Sioux




“Greg was the DM for my first ever adventure recently and it was great. He was just the right level of instruction vs hands off. He was welcoming and super helpful. I was nervous going in because  I know some people can be snobbish to go adventurers and Greg was anything but. I will definitely do this again and recommend Greg to others!!”

– Devon



“Greg recently DM’d a beginner friendly one-shot and it was the perfect mix of story telling and letting the players progress and explore. He was friendly and his experience shows. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a game.”

– Ryan


Remarkable Storytelling!

“I am no D&D aficionado, but at this point in the pandemic, I’ve watched the Brute Squad in the Shackled City on youtube a couple of times (where he is also the GM), and I watched a couple other GMs lead on their own videos, and I finally took a chance by doing my first one-off game with strangers and a pre-made character (both created and led by him). His theatre/acting/improv background really shows and he really knows how to craft an image with his words. I can only guess he’s read or written his fair share of fantasy novels as well, his choice of descriptive adjectives and fitting verbs are like honey on my ears. If you role-play in your character, he will match you (and even speak in gnomish). If your role-playing isn’t as strong or that’s not your thing (like me), he can still keep you engaged and enthralled in the story. He can also pivot between the folks in your group based on which they prefer and works to include and accommodate everyone. If you’re a newbie, like I am, you will be in Greg’s safe hands as he is an experienced storyteller, considerate teacher, and friendly guide. I probably got more laughs or surprised double-takes out of just watching two hours of the Brute Squad than at least two 10-episode series on Netflix. And I’m not exaggerating, I’ve watched a lot of crap. So either I’m going to try to make better choices on Netflix or I might just be tuning into twitch on Monday nights until they get out of the Shackled City and rescue some kids. If I ever do an adventure again, Greg will be the first GM I request.”

– Sean C.


Wonderful DM

“Just played with Greg in a short oneshot and it was a lot of fun. He’s amazing with beginner players- good at explaining, patient, fun and creative. He crafted the story well, and described everything to paint a detailed picture. Highly recommend trying a game with him.”

– Gabriella


Great DM and Improviser

“Greg rolls with the punches and does his best to incorporate all the players and make sure that their efforts have a definite impact on the game. He encourages in-character roleplay and involves everyone at the table.”

– Steve


Greg is Exceptional!

“Greg took on our beginner group with zero roleplay game experience and took us through an incredible one-off adventure together. He was so patient and and fantastic storyteller. Can’t recommend him enough!”

– Amanda


Super Fun DM!

“Greg was the DM for my first game ever, and he was so kind and patient with our batch of first timers! He crafted a fun, wacky story with some great action, and answered all our questions as the game went along. I would definitely recommend him if you’re a beginner, and he very clearly has lots of know-how and creativity for advanced players too. Thank you, Greg!”

– Madison


Lots of Fun!

“Greg is fantastic, and the D&D game was lots of fun.

I was invited to a small group to play The Bard Brigade campaign over zoom. After a short tutorial, we were on our way. This was a fun and novel experience overall. I’d recommend it.

The web-based D&D interface was a bit too complicated for the simple story we had (too many choices), but we adjusted. Basically you just need to roll the digital 20 sided die. No knowledge of D&D required, just bring an open mind and your imagination.”

– Titus D.


“I have played with Greg for many years and he has run multiple games for me over those years. His STRONG theater background and experience help bring the games to life from sniveling goblins to terrifying vampires.”

– Mike R.


Full Game Enjoyment

“Greg is one of the most observant and considerate Dungeon Masters I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. He is prepared with great ideas but is not afraid to incorporate anything fun and interesting you bring to the table with you. An opportunity to play with Greg leading your game is a great one. Take it!”

– Tanya T.


Awesome Time In Strahd Must Die!

“I had a tremendous time playing Greg’s six hour one-shot of Strand Must Die! From the dynamic lighting of the maps, the epic music for the different areas, and the non-stop suspense to action to panic to suspense, it was AWESOME! I highly recommend Greg as a GM and look forward to the next time I get to sit at a table where he is running the adventure.

P.S. I especially appreciate how he works with players of all skill levels, making sure that everyone feels comfortable so they can immerse themselves in the story. A true Host/Entertainer of the highest caliber.”

– Paul M.


The Best

“Greg is not only a great storyteller, but he’s patient and kind. So, if you’re relatively new to D&D, he can guide you. I highly recommend Greg for beginners and advanced players.”

– Adam S.


Huggable DM

“Greg is an incredibly considerate and inventive GM. He is excellent at rolling with changing scenarios inside and outside gameplay — all while keeping a genial attitude. He also has amazing bad accents. Seriously, he’s just oodles of fun to play with.”

– Victoria W.


Livestreamed Games

Join me on Twitch.tv every Monday night for Brutes in The Shackled City.

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I am a Dungeon Master-for-Hire through Mastermind Adventures, and I offer a variety of Table Top RPG Experiences! Always wanted to try D&D but never had anyone to play with you? Tired of being the Forever DM? Maybe you just want a change of pace or to try something new?

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Games We Can Play

Book me to run a one-shot or ongoing campaign for any of these systems!

D&D 5th Edition

D&D 5th Edition 

Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (D6 System)

Star Wars (d6)

World of Darkness

World of Darkness

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes

Short-Form or Ongoing Campaigns

Open Ended or Short-Form weekly engagements!

Secrets of The Barrowmaze, a West Marches-style Megadungeon Campaign

SECRETS OF THE BARROWMAZE: A West Marches-Style Megadungeon

Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the marsh – a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds – or rather the few who return – tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to enter Barrowmaze?

AD&D I6 Ravenloft, Updated to D&D 5th Edition

AD&D I6: Ravenloft (Updated to 5E)

For level 5-7 characters.

Under raging stormclouds, a lone figure stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Count Strahd von Zarovich stares down a sheer cliff at the village below. A cold, bitter wind spins dead leaves about him, billowing his cape in the darkness.

Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as Strahd turns his gaze back to the village. Far below, yet not beyond his keen eyesight, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd’s face forms a twisted smile as his dark plan unfolds. He knew they were coming, and he knows why they came, all according ot his plan. He, the master of Ravenloft, will attend to them.

Another lightning flash rips through the darkness, its thunder echoing through the castle’s towers. But Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind – or perhaps a lone wolf – fills the midnight air. The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner. And you are invited.

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One-Shots for February 2021

Not interested in an ongoing campaign? How about a one-shot adventure? Y’know, something to whet your appetite.

The Bard Brigade Solves Mysteries, a D&D one-shot adventure by Gregory Crafts


A troupe of traveling performers arrives in Waterdeep to headline Mystra’s Magical Moot, an annual industry trade show and convention for spellcasters of all kinds. While wandering the City of Splendors, they accidentally intercept a coded message intended for an operative of the Harpers. In it, they learn of a Zhentarim plot to steal a new magical invention from the grand hall during the Moot! Hijinks and hilarity ensue in this Scooby-Doo-style mystery!

Jailbreak! An introductory D&D One-Hour One-Shot Escape Room-style Adventure by Gregory Crafts

JAILBREAK, an Escape Room-style Introductory One-Shot

“Round up the usual suspects,” the Prince ordered, and the Guard immediately marched down to the local tavern to being rousting the regulars. How you wound up among the apprehended is a blur; wrong place, wrong time probably. But now here you are. In jail. As you sit in your cell amongst your fellow detainees awaiting questioning about some unknown crime, it becomes clear that perhaps escape is the smarter option, as “actual guilt” is apparently not a prerequisite for a death sentence in this land. All the while, you’re doing everything you can to keep your own shady past from coming to light. Because after all, everybody is guilty of something…
Ice Road Trackers, a D&D Adventurers League Adventure


A trek toward Icewind Dale turns deadly when an avalanche blocks the heroes’ passage through the Spine of the World. Rescued by a menagerie of strange creatures, the heroes are asked to return the favor in exchange for answers about what’s happening in the cold and frozen North.

An introductory adventure comprising four 1-hour episodes. Part of the D&D Adventurers’ League.

DROW HARD: Three Levels of Sheer Adventure

DROW HARD: Three Levels of Sheer Adventure

The Nagatomi Cloning Facility is one of the most prestigious research centers in all the world. Thanks to its countless innovations, the people of the world have better health, better technology, and an overall better quality of life. The facility’s current director, Josefina Takagi, has once again led her team through a year of triumphant breakthroughs. And now, with the winter festival just around the corner, she’s throwing a party for her team.

Just as everyone was settling in, a band of Drow terrorists led by the cruel Hanna G’rubr entered the complex and took all 33 party-goers hostage, including Josefina Takagi. Armed with poisoned weapons and explosive wands of fireballs, no one dared to oppose G’rubr and her fellow Drow.

Little did G’rubr know, a seasoned adventurer was in the master suite changing when the Drow broke in. Free of their weaponry, the adventurer hid while the Drow terrorists passed, taking to the facility’s air duct network. Now it’s one adventurer against thirteen well-armed Drow warriors.

Book Greg for your own Custom One-Shot or Campaign at MastermindAdventures.com!

Book a Bespoke Adventure!

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Do you have a one-shot you’ve always wanted to play but can’t find someone to run it? Looking to start a weekly ongoing campaign, but don’t have a DM? Contact Greg and book your own custom session with him! It can be a 5th Edition campaign like Storm King’s Thunder, a classic campaign converted to 5E like the Temple of Elemental Evil, or a whole other game system entirely! Greg also runs Star Wars D6Marvel Super Heroes (TSR’s classic FASERIP system), World of Darkness, and more!

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 21

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 21

The Brutes’ investigation into recent Goblin activity in Cauldron continues! And just in time, too: the little green menaces are getting bolder. In the meantime, Lorenzo seeks a way back into Jzadirune to solve his current condition. Greysoul wrestles with the voices in his head. Brick continues to gather information on his objective. Feldruucan gets his armor tricked out. And the Brutes will have to learn how to deal with their newfound celebrity… for better, and for worse.

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 20

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 20

After a grueling trial, The Brute Squad managed to convince Lord Mayor Severen Navalant to spare their friend Keygan’s life. Sadly though, he has been exiled from the city forever for his participation in the kidnapping and disappearance of almost thirty Cauldron residents. Now he must escape the town with his life. Beyond that, Lorenzo begins to exercise his influence over some of his “assets,” Brick begins his hunt for a noble lord of Cauldron who slaughtered his previous company, and Greysoul prepares to confront the voices in his head. And in the meantime, the Brutes are going Goblin hunting.

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 19

Brutes in The Shackled City, Ep. 19

With Lorenzo “stable” (for now) the Brutes must turn their attention to the trial of their incarcerated companion, Keygan Ghelve. Their locksmith ally faces charges of multiple counts of kidnapping and conspiracy against the city. Capital crimes in the city of Cauldron. Will the Brutes successfully plea their case to spare Keygan’s life? Or will he meet the executioner’s blade at sunset? And what’s up with the goblin graffiti artists running around town?

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