Jenn and I are in Iceland right now, on our first international vacation in far too long. But I wanted to whip up a quick post here with some exciting info!

The Big Event

This past weekend was The Big Event Fun(d)raiser, and by all accounts, the event was a blast. Congrats to Christian, Darrett, Andy, Monica, Charlene, Franco, and the rest of the team on a successful event. I wish I could have been there… to whoop everyone’s ass in the poker tournament.

This production still needs support, however, so if you have a moment and a few bucks to spare, please consider supporting The Big Event via our IndieGogo campaign!

Operation: Tetherball

In other news, Operation: Tetherball was a HUGE hit at the Best of LA 48-Hour Film Festival Screening this past Sunday! Hold For Plane’s latest madcap picture  48-hour film was not only a finalist in the 2018 “Best of” Awards for the 48-Hour Film Project Los Angeles, but it garnered several more honors, including award nominations for:

  • Best Actress – Jenn Scuderi Crafts (Who won Runner Up!)
  • Woman Filmmaker of the Year – Courtney Bell
  • Best Costumes
  • Best Use of Line
  • Best Use of Prop

You read that right: Jenn was named the Runner-Up for Best Actress! Out of a field of 165 films, being named the Runner-Up is a big f’ing deal.

I couldn’t be prouder of my incredible wife. Congratulations, baby. I love you.

Btw, we will be releasing Operation: Tetherball publicly soon… EDIT: HERE IT IS!

You can also check out our other recent release, Get a Clue, which I co-wrote with the incredible Lisa K. Wyatt.

Now, pardon me while Jenn and I get back to exploring Iceland. We’ll post pictures and blogs soon, but you can also follow our trip on Instagram!

Iceland. Ten minutes later, I was standing on top of that incredible rock face.