The Rabbit Hole

Rehearsals started this week for Sunny Afternoon, Part 1 of the Black Bag Pentalogy, and I am in conspiracy theory/historical theatre heaven.

For those of you who missed the news, I got cast in my first non-Theatre Unleashed show in a long time, the role of Dallas Homicide Det. Richard ‘Dick’ Sims in Christian Levatino’s Sunny Afternoon.

If you don’t know the play, here’s a quick synopsis:

November 22nd, 1963: The kickoff of a 48 hr interrogation for Lee Harvey Oswald in the custody of Dallas Homicide Captain Will Fritz, where they discuss; Baynes Barron, Russia, Coca-Cola, Jim Brown, a mysterious package, backyard photographs and Friday afternoon in Dealy Plaza.

This is one of the smartest scripts I’ve ever worked on. Not only is the writing intelligent and electric, but it’s a very nuanced period piece, perfectly settled in its place in time, and also densely packed with both established facts and references to the many different theories about the conspiracy behind the assassination. It’s a taut, well-executed literary balancing act.

And that’s just the writing.

The show opens October 19th, and will run through December 9th, with performances Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are $25 for each show in the rep (the other two, King Dick and …Meantime at HoJo’s, run back-to-back on Saturdays and Sundays), two shows for $40, or all three for $50, and are currently on sale through the Hollywood Fringe website. Each show runs approximately 85-95 minutes, and they’re all chock-full of awesome.

Rehearsals for this show have been a trip. I’ve spent half my time running scenes, and the other half talking with Christian and the cast about the history involved and exploring the multitude of conspiracy theory rabbit holes there are surrounding this event. It’s absolutely fascinating. I cannot wait to open this show.

I should also take a second to plug our upcoming fun(d)raiser starting at 6:30pm on September 9th! I, unfortunately, will be out of the country when this goes up, but if you’re in town, you should totally check out The Big Event Fun(d)raiser! An evening of Texas Hold’em, Elvis Karaoke, Black Bag Bingo, and Sniper Darts at The Complex. It’s also producer Monica Martin’s birthday that night, so you should definitely show up, play a few hands, and buy her a drink in honor of the occasion.

Operation: Tetherball is a Finalist!

Switching gears entirely for a moment, I’m thrilled to announce that Operation: Tetherball, which I co-wrote with Lisa K. Wyatt and Courtney Bell, has been named a finalist in this year’s L.A. 48 Hour Film Project! The final screening will be… the evening of September 9th. So, not only will I be missing the final screening, but so will most of you, I bet.

Because you’ll all be at The Big Event Fun(d)raiser. Right?

Still, it’s awesome to make it this far, as there were over 170 other films in the competition this year. So being a finalist means we made it into the top fifteen percent. That’s something to be proud of, no matter what.

Anyway, please give our trailer a look, and ‘like’ it, as there’s a competition going on for the most engaging trailer.

What’s Cool This Week

Alright, this one’s for a slightly more exclusive audience, but where are all my fellow SAG-AFTRA people at?

How many of you have an IMDb Pro account?

Go to your account. Go into your billing information. Hit “apply discount code” and enter ‘SAGAFTRAdiscount’. That’ll immediately give you 30% off your monthly or annual billing. Obviously, you have to be listed as a SAG-AFTRA member for this to work. But if you are, then congrats! And you’re welcome.

Onward and upward!