Sunday night, I had a Bucket List moment.

I’ve been participating in the Hollywood Fringe Festival since its inception in 2010. Every year, Theatre Unleashed has garnered critical acclaim and multiple award nominations for our work. But we’ve never won. I guess you could call us the Fringe’s Susan Lucci.

But Sunday night, we broke our streak.

Specifically, A Very DIE HARD Christmas won The Fringe Award for Comedy!

Now, the Fringe has a tradition at the annual awards show; each acceptance speech can only be two words long. Why? Because when you’re trying to announce almost thirty awards in three hours, you don’t have time for the winners to thank everyone and their cat. Especially when all everyone really wants to do is hit the bar.

Our two words? Well, I’ll give you one guess:

Hey, it’s hyphenated. That means it’s only two words long.

Delivering our two-word acceptance speech with the appropriate passion and gusto. Thank you, Matt Kamimura, for capturing this magical moment.

A Very DIE HARD Christmas also garnered a nomination for Cherry Poppins’ Ripest Show, and won an ENCORE! Producers’ Award, meaning it’ll have an two additional performances next month. Tickets are on sale here.

Not bad for a Christmas show mounted in June. Not bad at all.

So, because of our two-word acceptance speech limit, I wasn’t able to properly acknowledge everyone involved.

First off, thank you Josh, Andy, and Brad for writing this batshit crazy adaptation of one of the greatest action movies of all time, and for allowing us to bring it out here to L.A.

Thank you to the cast, crew, and designers for believing in this show, and for continuing to have fun with it, and play with it, even though some of you have been doing this show for over three years.

Special thanks to Carey Matthews and Adam Slemon for stepping in and filling some really big shoes, and filling them so perfectly, you’d think they’d been with this show since the beginning.

Thank you to Jenn and Jake for agreeing to bring the show to Fringe this year.

Thank you to Kiré for being the one member of the cast to attend the award ceremony!

Thank you to all of our Secret Santas: Graydon Schlichter, Michael Lutheran, Ben Hill, Micah Cover, Victor Isaac, and Michael Shaw Fisher for coming and playing with us!

Thank you to everyone who came and saw our show, and voted for it!

And most importantly, thank you Fringe, for giving us such an incredible, visible platform from which we let our Holiday Freak Flag fly.

In addition, Met Again, TU’s sister offering at the festival this year, garnered nominations for the Fringe First and Top of the Fringe Awards, as well as taking home an ENCORE Producers’ Award. Tickets for Met Again‘s Encore performances July 20th and 21st is are on sale now.

Met Again is an incredible show – a literal emotional rollercoaster – and I strongly suggest you check it out. Seriously.

All-in-all, I have to say that this was an incredibly satisfying ending to a fun, but stressful, festival. I’m already looking forward to next year.