My office for the day. (Picture added 4/19/18)

I need to be quick because I’m writing this from the booth of another theater, where I’m currently teaching myself how to build custom instrument profiles for an ETC Element. Turns out, it’s actually much easier than it sounds.

So yeah, that’s quick Update #1! – I’m working today and tomorrow as a board op at the Assistance League Playhouse for a rental, which just happens to be a crew shooting scenes for an upcoming episode of a major network comedy. It’s a well-paying gig that so far can best be described as long stretches of inactivity punctuated irregularly by moments of terror. Shout out to the Hollywood Fringe, because if it wasn’t for the festival and the connections I’ve made through it, I would never have gotten this gig.

Update #2! Like I said, I’m moving quickly. We’re just over two weeks away from the Theatre Unleashed Spring Poker Classic! Registration is open for the tournament, and I can’t wait to shuffle up and deal! We’re finalizing the acquisition of our grand prize early next week, so details will be coming out on that soon. Also, players who register by May 1st will be entered in a drawing for an exclusive prize.

Update #3! Yesterday, Better Lemons published a feature story on Jenn and I and our newest (temporary) property, The Hobgoblin Playhouse! Check out the article here – Once There Was a Hobgoblin.

Update #4! Tomorrow, Jenn and I will be attending the Emerson LA Center Senior Showcase. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of the students attending Emerson’s LA Campus this semester, some of whom have expressed interest in learning more about theatre in Los Angeles. A couple of them have even earned invitations to join Theatre Unleashed after participating in our annual birthday show last week! Really looking forward to supporting this class and checking out all of their hard work.

Bonus: Holy crap, have you seen the Red Sox lately?! They’re unstoppable! I was at the game last night and watched Mookie Betts hit 3 home runs! This team is sick. I mean, seriously, just watch. Hell, you might see me sitting in the left field bleachers right by the foul pole.

There’s a lot more going on right now, but I’ll have to update you on that next week. Onward and upward!