It’s only April and I’m already exhausted. But nobody ever accomplished anything significant while they were asleep… right? So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

StageCrafts L.L.C.

Jenn and I are currently in the middle of a Fringe booking frenzy – we have thirteen (Updated 4/16: seventeen!) shows and a workshop booked at The Hobgoblin Playhouse, and a full slate of 20 productions and one workshop at studio/stage for the Hollywood Fringe Festival this year. With The Belfry Stage also booked through June, we’ve got a busy few months of property management ahead of us!

I did purchase some new toys lights for The Hobgoblin – a dozen of these units (grabbed while they were on sale), plus the necessary cables. Once Fringe is over, we’ll move these lights into The Belfry, giving that grid a significant upgrade. The tech systems are now in place and looking good. Now, we just need to finish cleaning it out.

After Fringe (is there life after Fringe?), we’re going to say goodbye to the Hobgoblin, but both The Belfry and studio/stage will be keeping us very busy; the fall is already filling up for both spaces. Won’t be long before we start getting requests for 2019. So, if you’re looking for a space for a show in the Fall or for the Holidays… let us know soon.

On a related note, I’m working on expanding my Self-Producing for Playwrights workshop in a couple of different directions. First, I’m offering a workshop at Fringe this year for producers looking to extend the life of their productions beyond the festival. Second, Jenn and I are talking to the leaders at ALAP about… something special. More on that soon.

Theatre Unleashed

Theatre Unleashed celebrated its tenth birthday this past weekend. I wrote a new 10-minute play, titled Nailed, on Saturday night in honor of the occasion. The show was the first time anyone has performed on the stage of the Hobgoblin in years. Pretty cool.

Sunday was more than just a party, though. That night, Jenn and Jake announced the highly-anticipated 2019 season… and here it is, for those of you who are curious:

Winter/Spring 2019 – Ada and the Engine As the British Industrial Revolution dawns, young Ada Byron Lovelace (daughter of the flamboyant and notorious Lord Byron) sees the boundless creative potential in the “analytic engines” of her friend and soul-mate, Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. Ada envisions a whole new world where art and information converge – a world she might not live to see. A music-laced story of love, friendship, and the edgiest dreams of the future. Jane Austen meets Steve Jobs in this poignant pre-tech romance heralding the computer age.

Hollywood Fringe 2019 – The Looking Glass Project – A dozen of TU’s best writers have teamed up to adapt Alice Through the Looking Glass for the stage, taking Lewis Carroll’s classic fairy tale and morphing it into a rich, bold, feminist coming-of-age story.

Fall 2019 – The Honeycomb Trilogy Three stand-alone plays by Mac Rogers set in the same universe chronicling a primal conflict that will redefine the nature of the human race. We will be running the trilogy in rep, and are planning on co-producing this event with one to two other L.A. theatre companies.

Holidays 2019 – The Naughty & Nice Rep – We’ll be back with our classic Holdiay team-up of It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play and A Very DIE HARD Christmas. We are looking for other shows to put in a Naughty & Nice rotation, so this slot may be subject to change.

Ambitious, no?

Well, if you want to see these plans become a reality, please join us May 4th for The Theatre Unleashed Spring Poker Classic.


I’ve had a bunch of auditions and callbacks this month and booked a short film shooting just outside San Diego sometime in the next three weeks. Still hoping to hear that I booked a film shooting in San Francisco in two weeks, but hope fades a little every day. Can’t book ’em all.

I DID book a short film last month, though. A student film at Columbia College of Hollywood called It’s Just a Game. Video’s embedded in my blog. Check it out!

Didn’t have the chance to really highlight this before, but at the end of March, I had the privilege of sitting on a panel of distinguished Emerson Alumni for Brad Lemack’s Business of Acting class at the ELA Center. I sat next to my friends Michael Grant Terry and Mikey Korich, and new friends Eric Rollins and Jordan Matayoshi, and answered questions about what life has been like for me since graduation, the successes, the failures, the joys and the frustrations. It was a lovely evening of introspection and even a little catharsis. And it’s always great seeing good friends. I hope to be a part of this tradition for Emerson Alum for many more years to come.


Well, I wrote that new scene for Acting Our Age. I’m also prepping to crank out a new draft of The Young Argonauts (remember that ol’ chestnut?). I’ve also been kicking around a few exciting ideas for new plays I want to write, including a play about the life and murder of pro wrestler Bruiser Brody.

Also, I found out that Yellow Means Caution will be going up in Santa Paula at Playzapalooza at the end of May. Jenn and I will be driving up to see it opening night.

I’m also planning on applying to The Writers’ Room at The Geffen; a thrilling new opportunity in LA Theatre.

I’m going to have two of my plays running in two different cities on my birthday this year. That’s pretty cool.


Rehearsals have started for A Very DIE HARD Christmas! We’re coming up with new gags just for Fringe, and I’m working on integrating the projector at studio/stage into the show’s expansive tech footprint. This is going to be the biggest, baddest DIE HARD we’ve mounted yet. Tickets go on sale May 1st, and we’re offering $0.88 cent seats for Preview. Yeah, you read that right. 88 cents, because this year is the 30th anniversary of Die Hard.


After all of this craziness, Jenn and I are going to need a vacation.

So we’ve booked one.

To Iceland.

In September.

We’ll be celebrating Jenn’s birthday this year on a glacier.

I can’t wait!

And in news closer to home… the Red Sox are looking really good, aren’t they? Best record in baseball right now. Psyched to see them live in Anaheim next week (Update: Tuesday, I’m going to watch David Price pitch against hot-shit two-way rookie Shohei Otani; that’s going to be a hell of a game.)

In related news, I need this:

Alright, I should go to bed. Onward and upward!