Damn. Now that’s an endorsement.

StageSceneLA calls A Very Die Hard Christmas:

“…sharper, funnier, and more outrageous than ever…”

“…just what Santa ordered for those who like their year-end festivities to be naughty rather than nice.”

“Version 3.0 is even sharper than last year’s new-improved version under Gregory Crafts’ better-than-ever direction.”

“Rising star Wilson is even funnier, sexier, and more dauntless than in years past as “Black Irish” John, a whiz at talk-singing, and one hell of a fist-to-fist combatant with J. Anthony McCarthy choreographing some of the most realistic stage fighting I’ve seen.”

“…newbee [Matt] Pick has Karl and Yukon stealing scenes right and left with his platinum-blond heavy-metal locks and operatic baritone.”

“Most sensational of all is Martkya’s masterful take on Hans Gruber, Alan Rickman-eque enough to satisfy Die Hard purists while making the cunning, conniving, cold-hearted creep his inspired own.”

“Craft’s striking lighting merits its own kudos…”

For the full StageSceneLA review of A Very DIE HARD Christmas at Theatre Unleashed, go here:


Want to see more pictures of A Very DIE HARD Christmas to go with StageSceneLA’s stellar review? Check out my lighting portfolio for the show here!

About A Very DIE HARD Christmas at Theatre Unleashed

High above the city of L.A., a team of terrorists has seized a building, taken hostages, and declared war. One man has managed to escape. An off-duty cop hiding somewhere inside. He’s alone, tired…and he doesn’t like Christmas. Come see a stage version of the holiday classic, complete with action, humor, Professor Snape taking people hostage, singing, dancing, the guy from ‘Family Matters,’ guns, puppets, explosions, the EPA guy from ‘Ghostbusters’ getting punched in the face, and Christmas miracles and familiar holiday friends galore. Maybe even an appearance by the legend himself, Santa Claus! Yippee Ki-Yay, Father Christmas!

For more information, check out Theatre Unleashed’s official website.