O’ShadowsFest III: In 3D at studio/stage

This past weekend, the Offending Shadows Theatre Company held their third annual sci-fi/horror one-act competition, O’ShadowsFest III: In 3D at studio/stage. Eight short plays were locked in a theatrical Battledome over the course of one weekend, with the winning production taking home the legendary O’Shadows Cup. I was fortunate enough to have two scripts in the running this year: Famous Last Words and Hang a Lampshade On It. Unfortunately Last Words didn’t have the last word after all (getting bounced out after the first night) out, Lampshade won the whole damn thing!! That’s right, Theatre Unleashed now holds the prestigious O’Shadows Cup!

Congratulations to director Ann Hurd and actors Courtney Bell and Liesl Jackson on their well-earned victory! Also, I’d like to offer thanks to the team behind Famous Last Words – director Stepy Kamei, and actors Twon Pope, Jenny Ashe (playing the very definition of fierce), and Eric Cire. Shout outs to fellow TU company members Brandi June (writer, A Portrait of Oscar Wilde), Heidi Powers (director, All Hail the Overlord) and Emily Donn (writer, All Hail the Overlord). Three out of four shows in the finals were written by Theatre Unleashed members. That’s pretty awesome.

Hang a Lampshade On It at O'ShadowsFest III: In 3D at studio/stage

Playwright Gregory Crafts (back) with Liesl Jackson (left), Courtney Bell (center) and director Ann Hurd (right). Winners of the 2017 O’Shadows Cup.

Had I thought twice about my choice of attire for that night, I would have worn red in solidarity with my Red Shirts. At the end of the night, the Lampshade crew was presented with the O’Shadows Cup. It shall reside in the lobby of The Belfry Stage until next September when it will be presented to next year’s winner at O’ShadowsFest IV: Child of O’ShadowsFest. Congratulations to everyone involved, and thank you Natasha, Marni and the whole O’Shadows Family for bringing the festival to studio/stage.

And here’s everything else that’s happening:

The Woman in Black at Theatre Unleashed

The Woman in Black opens at Theatre Unleashed this Friday night. This show is scary as Hell, and I’m incredibly proud of my lighting design for it. I have a few notes to go in and fix tonight, but once that’s done, it’s done. Boy, I don’t want to sit through this one alone.

For tickets and more information, check out Theatre Unleashed’s website, www.TheatreUnleashed.org.

 I can’t believe I didn’t share this sooner, but my news cycle’s been a little preoccupied since last week when I announced my departure from the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles’ Board of Directors. Well, back on the 14th of this month, Jenn, my lovely wife and (much) better half, and I went out to celebrate her birthday! She thought we were going out for a simple dinner someplace fancy. Well, not only did I surprise her with a trip to The World Famous Magic Castle, but a bunch of our friends surprised her as well by joining us!

Jenn has given me all kinds of incredible thrills and surprises in our ten years together, from secretly extending an East Coast trip so we could enjoy a day in Boston together (waaaay back when we were first dating), to helping sneak my parents out to see me in Round Rock years ago, to crowdfunding me a new car for Christmas this year after I lost my SUV in a head-on collision. Well, I felt like I finally had to return the favor. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face when we turned the corner into Irma’s Lounge and she saw the gang waiting for her. Glad it all worked out! Thank you, Micah, Caroline, and Courtney for helping get everyone in!

Anniversaries and Looking Glasses

I’ve also been doing a lot of writing this month. Almost done with the first draft of The Anniversary Issue, a script I’ve been developing for over a year now. The first few scenes were a part of Serial Killers at Sacred Fools last year, making it all the way to the Playoffs. I’m eager to get the first draft done and see what the shape of this piece looks like. Last week, I also coordinated a reading of the second draft of a project I’m working on jointly with a dozen other writers. I don’t want to talk too much about it yet, but I’m pretty excited to see where this goes. We’re planning an all-day group writing orgy for the end of October so we can bang out the next draft.

Finally, on a personal level, I’ve managed to do two big things in the past week that I’m really excited about. First, I have set my date for Lasik surgery! Next Wednesday at 4 pm (barely 168 hours from now), my eyeballs have a meeting with a laser! Yeah, I’m nervous about it, but the thought of not having to deal with glasses anymore is thrilling.

Secondly, last week, I got to enjoy my first session of a real D&D campaign in years. My friend Nate (a work-from-home dad with a flexible schedule) and I have been jonesing for a game for years. The problem has always been scheduling – neither of us is available regularly on nights or weekends. Well, over lunch recently, we decided that we needed to find a group that could meet regularly on a weekday morning. One Facebook post later, and the Daytime Dungeon Delving Dudes & Dames was formed! Our first session last week was a bit of a bug hunt as most of us were using Roll20 for the first time, but once we got the UI figured out, I have to say things went pretty smoothly. Nate put us through Part 1 of The Lost Mines of Phandelver. I’m excited to find out what else there is in store for us tomorrow morning.

Onward and upward.