September 21st, 2017

Earlier this week, I submitted my resignation from the Board of Directors of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles. This was not an easy decision for me, but one I believe to be necessary, and one that has been months in the making.

My reasons for stepping down are personal; I’ve been struggling to juggle my responsibilities to the League, with my duties to Theatre Unleashed, and the needs of my personal life. The situation started to become untenable in November last year when Jenn and I began spinning up StageCrafts. Trying to juggle leadership positions in all three organizations, plus various writing projects and creative collaborations, and rebooting my TV/Film career, all while trying to find time for my marriage, and for myself became a recipe for sleepless nights and spinning wheels.

If that sounds stressful, well, it is. I can’t delude myself into believing that I actually have enough time and energy to split in every direction I want it to go. For me, something had to give, and my fellow Board members deserve someone who could be more present.

I don’t regret my time with the League. I’ve been proud to be a part of this team of fantastic people since before the Transitional Committee was formed in 2011. Through it, I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful pillars of our community, people I respect and am now fortunate enough to call my friends.

Though it may not seem obvious, as a group we have accomplished a lot. Just because the influence and movement of the League haven’t been visible to everyone doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening. My biggest regret here is that I am stepping down now from the leadership when the League is closer than ever to achieving impactful, visible goals. Benefits such as the League’s new Casting Database and the Volunteer Agreement are starting to roll out. Soon enough, you’ll see what else we’ve been working on.

I’m going to remain chair the League’s Marketing Committee for the time being until a suitable replacement presents themselves. My goal is to hand off leadership of that committee by the holidays. NoHo/Burbank will also need a new Regional Representative, as I’d been holding down that position temporarily, since the completion of Scott Guy’s term this past July.

Theatre Unleashed will remain a proud member of the League. However, I am going to find someone else within the company to represent us at League functions for the time being, as I think a short period of separation is important.

To my fellow producers:

I want to take a moment here real quick and speak directly to my fellow theatre producers: If you’re not a part of the League yet, join. If you are a part of the league and haven’t served on the board already, run. The League is only as powerful as the people who believe in it and who support it.

If you are a producer and you need someone you can go to that can intercede on your behalf with the city or state government, or help you get a better contract with SDC, or help you recruit new board members, or point you in the direction of available public or private resources for producers that you previously weren’t aware of, or to simply connect you with the larger #LAThtr community, you need TPLLA. And the League needs you.

Right now, there is an incredible core group in Matt McCray, Dan Shoenman, Darin Anthony, Howard Teichman, Martha Demson and Mike Funt. They are working hard for the betterment of our community, but they can’t do it alone.

Step up. Participate. Join a committee (or show up to meetings if you’re already on one)!

The scope of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles is as broad as it is noble: representing theatrical producers in union negotiations, facilitating the betterment of theatre and strengthening the brand identity of Greater Los Angeles theatre for theatre-going audiences.

You have the opportunity to decide what that means for all of us. Take it.