This past weekend, Theatre Unleashed closed Camp Ragnarok, our first-ever soap opera serial comedy series. Melodramatic and over-the-top to a fault, the show was a hit with patrons and critics alike. It also gave me the unique challenge of writing somewhere between fifty and eighty new light cues for each forty-five-minute episode weekly. I’ve put together a gallery of a few of my favorite looks from the show. Looking forward to my next lighting design challenge: The Woman in Black at Theatre Unleashed!

About Camp Ragnarok

After a mysterious accident took his sister’s life, outdoorsman Hunter took his family’s vacation campground and turned it into Camp Ragnarok: a destination to teach survival skills for the coming apocalypse. Five campers have come to the retreat expecting to learn to tie knots, light a fire, maybe pitch a tent. But soon they find that between rocky relationships, prophesying squirrels, and a pair of avunculicidal scheming teens, they may have gotten more than they bargained for! Will the campers even survive this survivalists’ camp? Join us each week for a new episode to find out! for more information!

About Theatre Unleashed

Theatre Unleashed is committed to presenting engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre. We pledge to push our artistic ambitions beyond restraints with a dedication to both the development of new works and original takes on established classics. We are and always will be a driving force in our community both on and off the stage, as we produce plays worthy of the words “Theatre Unleashed.”