The O’Shadowfest 3: In 3D!

Next weekend at studio/stage, The Offending Shadows Theatre Company takes the stage with the return of their popular battle royale of one acts – The O’Shadowfest! I’m fortunate enough to have two entries in the mix this year:

It’s always fun to see my TU friends jump in and participate in projects with other theatre companies, and I’m grateful to Natasha, Marni, and the rest of the OShadows crew for the opportunity to put my work up on their stage. Well, my stage, but they’re renting it so I guess that makes i- whatever. I’m always thrilled to see my shows go up.

Anyhow, get tickets to The O’Shadowfest 3: In 3D here. Famous Last Words goes up Friday night. Hang a Lampshade On It goes up Saturday night, and if either of them moves on to the final round of the battle royale, they would go up again Sunday night.

What else is happening?

More writing updates – Hmm, well, over the last few weeks I’ve submitted scripts to production opportunities around the country. I’ve also sent in an application for a two-week writing residency in Oregon. If I get in, I think I’ll be up there for the latter half of January next year. That’s when I plan to start grinding on what may be my most controversial and ambitious project yet. Fingers crossed!

I’ve also joined an accountability group on Facebook for playwrights. The goal of the group is to motivate writers to crank out a script a month. I don’t know if I’ve got the bandwidth to handle this right now, but I’m willing to give it a shot. My goal this month is to get the first draft of The Anniversary Issue done. Next month, a new draft of The Young Argonauts. Beyond that, I’ve got a ton of ideas just waiting for space in my brain to expand. Hopefully being a part of this group will help light a fire under my ass and get me writing 3-5 pages a night (or 30-50 pages one night a week at my favorite diner)

Oh! Neosho Drama’s production of Super Sidekick: The Musical has announced its cast and crew, and we’re having a splendid time chatting with them on Twitter. Give our official show Twitter a follow and join in the conversation!

Acting Update – Well, next month, I’m getting new headshots and officially relaunching the TV/Film aspect of my career (huzzah!). November/December, I’m assembling some clips for a new reel. Also, I’m thrilled (and a little terrified) to share that I’m getting Lasik by the end of the month, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. That, plus a new haircut (or rather return to an old favorite look) and my fitness goals to get my instrument back in camera shape… well, it’s all coming together.

Design Update – This past weekend, Camp Ragnarok closed at Theatre Unleashed. I’m going to post a gallery of some of my lighting work on here shortly. Really happy with how that show turned out, even though all I had to work with was 100w work lights and wedding DJ LEDs.

Now I’m on to designing The Woman in Black. Nothing more challenging than a ghost play, as the lighting (or lack of lighting) sets the mood, and it’s critical that the audiences’ eyes go exactly where you want them to go in each scene. Load-in is this weekend, and I’m programming the show Monday/Tuesday next week.

Producing Update – This past weekend, the Alliance of LA Playwrights hosted my first self-producing for playwrights workshop at studio/stage. I have never given a presentation on this topic before, but I spent about twenty hours writing up a 90-minute presentation, complete with an 82-page PowerPoint and links to downloadable resources. The house was packed, and after it was over, the feedback I got was profoundly enthusiastic and positive. Someone even suggested that I should turn it into a college course (interesting…). I have to admit, I’m proud of how it all turned out. And now, I have a presentation on self-producing that I can use just about anytime, anywhere with some small modifications.

Directing Update – Finally, it’s that time of year again! Jenn and I are currently in the middle of auditioning folks for the annual Naughty & Nice holiday rep at Theatre Unleashed. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m helming A Very DIE HARD Christmas again, and boy it is so great to be back in this saddle. We’ve had one night of auditions so far, and I’m pleased to see that it’s been a nice mix of old faces and new. This show will be interesting, for sure. I’m not certain yet how I’m going to top last year’s shenanigans, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

One More Thing – Oh, and I’ve finally taken the initiative to get a D&D game together! Not only that, but I’ve found a group that can meet when I’m available! Starting next week we’re playing Thursday mornings from 10-2 online. Our DM is a stay-at-home dad, and the rest of the players are producers and performers like me. Seems like the perfect solution. And, since we’re playing online, I don’t even need to wear pants to the sessions! Win-win-win!

Okay, so that’s D&D, O’Shadowfest, Self-Producing Workshop, A Very DIE HARD Christmas, lighting The Woman in Black, finding time to write, Lasik… Yeah, that feels like pretty much everything. For now, at least.

Onward and upward.