August 26th, 2017

Today marks 14 years since my move to Los Angeles.

I think it was James Earl Jones who said “It takes 14 years to be an overnight success.” Because of that, 14 years kind of became an unofficial benchmark for myself. I moved out here to have a career in TV and Film, and I had a whole list of things I wanted to achieve by the time I’d hit the 14 year mark.

Have I done everything on that list?

No. Not even close.

Turns out life doesn’t work like that. There’s another saying that comes to mind: “you plan, God laughs.”

I never accounted for the theatre bug to come back and bite me so hard when I first got here. It was meant to be an artistic outlet. It has since become my primary focus, my community, and now my living.

I never thought I’d have more success as a writer than as an actor. I’ve got three published plays under my belt (with four more in development, and another dozen ideas just waiting for free bandwidth).

That’s not to say I’m a slouch on stage, though. Won my first acting award this year for my portrayal of Lennie in Of Mice and Men.

I’m a member of three professional Guilds in my field, a co-founder of a producers trade association, and an Ovation Voter.

After putting in 14 years here, I am successful. Just not in the way I imagined I would be when I arrived.

I have a great business that I love. I have an awesome theatre company. I have great friends. I’m a part of an incredible community of artists. I have a beautiful, fantastic, passionate, intelligent, and amazing wife.

Is everything perfect? No, but nothing ever can be.

While I haven’t achieved the success I’ve wanted in the realm of TV and Film, I am gearing up for a fresh run at it. Because that’s one of the wonderful things about this industry: you never get too old to be an actor.

New website is launched.
I’m en route to my fitness goals.
Soon it’ll be no more glasses for me.
New headshots next month.
New reel by the end of the year.
New representation by the new year.
The sky’s the limit.
I have my plan and I’m working it.
I can already hear God laughing, but I’m not worried.

I am happy.

That’s what matters most.

Cheers to 14 years in the City of Angels.
Here’s to a lifetime more.