The cat is out of the bag! On Saturday, September 9th from 2-4pm, I’m leading a workshop for the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. The topic is self-producing your own work. Here are all the details, straight from the ALAP special announcement:

Self-Producing Workshop details From the ALAP Newsletter:

Hey everyone: mark your calendar for Saturday, September 9 at 2:00 PM for a workshop titled Sometimes You Have To Do It Yourself!


Playwrights, are you stuck trying to get your work through the next stage of its development? Tired of endlessly submitting your scripts to companies and only hearing deafening silence in return? Do you know you have a hit on your hands, if only someone would give it a chance? Then you don’t want to miss this workshop.


The workshop will be conducted by ALAP Member Gregory Crafts, a self-taught Dramatists Guild playwright based in Los Angeles with three published titles under his belt, and a long history of successful productions for most of his body of work. He has mounted productions in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York, and his scripts have gone on to be produced around the world.


In this two-hour workshop, Greg will talk about the self-producing process. He’ll touch on a wide range of critical topics like finding the right venue, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, and why you should never direct and/or star in your own play.


Full details will follow in the September NewsFlash. Join us!

As it is stated above, I have a history of self-producing my own shows, mostly through my company, but sometimes at festivals, or other special events. I’ve also written about self-producing before, and you can check out some of my thoughts on this subject at the Stage Rights blog.

The location will be sent out to ALAP members in an upcoming newsletter. If you’re a playwright based in Los Angeles (or Southern California in general), and interested in attending, join the Alliance of LA Playwrights! If you’re a member of ALAP, get your RSVP in quickly. Seating is limited.

See you on the 9th!