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Gregory Crafts

“With so many people constantly trying to put theatre in a box, it is comforting to know, out there among the shadows, defending truth and justice, there is Theatre Unleashed.”
– The Huffington Post

About Gregory

Gregory Crafts is an award-winning multi-hyphenate creative artist, with more than twenty-five years of experience as an actor, playwright, director, designer, and theatrical producer under his belt. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Studies in 2003, Greg migrated to Los Angeles. He currently resides in North Hollywood, CA with his wife, Jenn, and their two cats.

In 2008, Greg co-founded Theatre Unleashed, a 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company located in North Hollywood, CA, and currently serves as both the company’s Managing Director and Board Chair. In these positions, he oversees the company’s operations, maintains their books, and manages their venue, The Belfry Stage. Greg is also a member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors’ Equity, the Dramatists Guild, the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, an Ovation Voter, and a founding board member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles.

In 2016, Greg and his wife Jenn formed StageCrafts L.L.C., a live event venue management company. On January 1st, 2017, the pair took control of studio/stage, a unique performance space located in Koreatown.

With what little free time he has, Greg enjoys supporting local theatre, reading historical fiction, shotgunning sci-fi shows on Netflix, playing video games, designing web sites, participating in 5k mud runs, collecting comic books, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and practicing martial arts. He also nurses an unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

A list of Gregory Crafts' recent producing credits for the stage and screen


Dramatic Play

The framework of this spine tingler is unusual: a lawyer hires an actor to tutor him in recounting to family and friends a story that has long troubled him concerning events that transpired when he attended the funeral of an elderly recluse. There he caught sight of the woman in black, the mere mention of whom terrifies the locals, for she is a specter who haunts the neighborhood where her illegitimate child was accidentally killed. Anyone who sees her dies! The lawyer has invited some friends to watch as he and the actor recreate the events of that dark and stormy night. A classic of the genre.

Theatre Unleashed | The Belfry Stage


10-Minute Play | Short+Sweet Hollywood 2017
Winner – Judge’s Choice (Week 1)

As top prospect Luke Summers prepares to make his major league debut, a chance encounter with one of his idols puts his first day in The Show in a sobering perspective.

Theatre Unleashed | The Belfry Stage


Interactive One-Act Play | Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017
Winner: The 2017 Producers’ ENCORE! Award
Nominee: Best in Ensemble Theatre, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017
Finalist: The Inkwell Theatre Playwright’s Promise Award, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017
“It’s hilarious and fun… classic ‘Fringe’ fare… funny, innovative and a little bit strange and all in a very, very good way.” –

It was supposed to be an easy score. Whack the mark. Stage the scene. Take the money. Retire to Cabo. That’s how it was supposed to go down. But for poor Moose and Sonny, a really bad night is only just beginning… An interactive comedic thriller where your choices decide who gets away with murder.

Theatre Unleashed | studio/stage


Musical | Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017
Winner: The 2017 Producers’ ENCORE! Award
Critic’s Pick, Indie Voice Blog

After a completely sold-out run in 2012, The Spidey Project is back and better than ever! This scrappy, smart and hilarious parody of the Spider-Man origin story features an original score that will transport you right into the comic books!

Theatre Unleashed | studio/stage


Dramatic Play
Winner: Outstanding Actor in a Play (Gregory Crafts), 2017 Valley Theatre Awards
Winner: Outstanding Sound Design, 2017 Valley Theatre Awards
Nominee: Outstanding Actor in a Play (Spencer Cantrell), 2017 Valley Theatre Awards
Nominee: Outstanding Ensemble in a Play, 2017 Valley Theatre Awards
Nominee: Outstanding Play, 2017 Valley Theatre Awards
“…remarkably compelling in its storytelling from acting to lighting, set design, sound, costume design and it’s most outstanding element, direction.” – Gia On the Move

John Steinbeck’s immortal tale of two migrant field workers looking for work on the California coast during the Great Depression—the intelligent but frustrated George, and Lennie, a sweet, strong man with a mental disability and a knack for getting into trouble. As they continue to chase the classic American Dream of settling down on their own piece of land, the unlikely pair soon comes across other characters who share in their desperate search for companionship and something greater out of life.

Theatre Unleashed | The Belfry Stage


Solo Show

Part one man show, part TED talk, part sermon, Sacred & Profane is written and performed by TIM LEWIS. Lewis is a Los Angeles-based writer, producer, and performer with an MFA from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television. His perspective as an artist is influenced by his experience growing up gay and in the church in rural America, and then attending a Christian liberal arts college. After a decade of tearing apart the world he was given as a child, he’s begun weaving a new one through his writing.

Emerson College | Emerson Los Anglees Center


Dramatic Play
“…a visceral experience…” – The Geek Authority

A chilling thriller that brings us into the secluded lives of best friends Rae and Mags as they seek to avenge the death of a loved one while fighting a government that breeds and thrives on paranoia in a not too distant dystopian future. Set in the humble confines of a backwoods cabin, Cannibals Alone shows how politics, propaganda and paranoia can affect and twist the average citizen when left to his or her own devices.

Theatre Unleashed | The Belfry Stage

Gregory Crafts' Education and Training

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Focus on Acting and Lighting Design

Emerson College | Class of 2003


“At North Hollywood’s Belfry Stage, only a tenth of the size of The Fortune off Drury Lane, we have a good example of close-up, theatrical sleight-of-hand. A very small space can become a breach in the world.”

– Gray Palmer, Stage Raw

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The Woman in Black at Theatre Unleashed is Stage Raw Recommended!

“At North Hollywood’s Belfry Stage, only a tenth of the size of The Fortune off Drury Lane, we have a good example of close-up, theatrical sleight-of-hand. A very small space can become a breach in the world.”

New Eyes, Rave Reviews, and a Scenie!

Last week, I got to check the box for a major Bucket List item: I got LASIK surgery. That’s right! No more glasses for me! This is something I’ve wanted to do since I moved to Los Angeles in 2003, and last week, the stars aligned and I finally made it happen. I’d been in glasses since… jeez. Fourth grade? Fifth? My memory is blurry on the exact timing, but yeah, I’ve had glasses for the vast majority of my life. I could only imagine what life would be like without them. Now, I know and I couldn’t be happier.

Gia on the Move 4

“Theatre Unleashed is projecting a noticeable theatrical evolution…”

– Gia on the Move

The Tolucan Times

“A ‘cutting edge,’ fearless and talented bunch who ‘tell it like it is.'”

– The Tolucan Times

LA Splash

“I’m looking forward to seeing how Unleashed will challenge themselves next.”

– L.A. Splash

The Geek Authority

“Theatre Unleashed always has fun and amazing originality in its productions…”

– The Geek Authority

Accesibility Live

“It’s worth staying up a night to encounter an evening’s worth of fun and thrills in such cozy quarters as presented by this rather unique and colorful theater troupe…”

– Accessibility Live

Fanbase Press

“Throughout the past year, theatre company Theatre Unleashed has presented an engaging, thought-provoking, and extraordinarily relevant season of theatre to the audiences of Los Angeles.”

– Fanbase Press

The Huffington Post

“With so many people constantly trying to put theatre in a box, it is comforting to know, out there among the shadows, defending truth and justice, there is Theatre Unleashed.”

– The Huffington Post

Gia on the Move

“Theatre Unleashed has done what it is does best. The company takes an ordinary story and wraps it into a maze but with a simplicity that is unmistakable.”

– Gia on the Move

The Theatre Ghost

“…a very talented company at the top of their game.”

– The Theatre Ghost

Fanbase Press 2

“If the show is…produced by LA-based theatre company Theatre Unleashed, you should only expect hilarity to ensue.”

– Fanbase Press

The Theatre Ghost 2

“Theatre Unleashed has been around awhile, but a couple of years in their loft at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church seems to have helped them find –and sustain — a new level of artistry.”

– The Theatre Ghost

Fanboy Comics

“…any [show] produced by Theatre Unleashed is well worth your time and deserving of your undivided attention.”

– Fanboy Comics

Gia on the Move 3

“Like many of the other shows produced by Theatre Unleashed it’s a bottom line: ‘this is it – this is as good as it gets’, which is something that this company does very well.”

– Gia on the Move

The Theatre Ghost 3

“In recent years, the Unleashed troupe has shown they can take on anything from Moliere to a 24-hour playmaking festival and give it a strong, intelligent staging.”

– The Theatre Ghost

“Truly brilliantly pulled together, seat-of-your-pants, eye popping, side splitting, awe inspiring, non-stop theatre!”


The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

“I am quite a fan of Theatre Unleashed, and count this production among their best.” – The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses Review of “Only the Moon Howls” 2

“Theatre Unleashed is that rarest of theatre companies that gazes ahead to the future while staying active in the present, and looks behind to the past while remaining creative in the now.”


L.A. Splash 2

“Theatre Unleashed has delivered yet another show chock full of great performances.”

– L.A. Splash

First Comics News

“The best theatre company in Hollywood.”

– First Comics News

The Geek Authority 2

“Theatre Unleashed in North Hollywood always puts on shows that are always amazing, fresh and often emotionally moving…”

– The Geek Authority 3

“I love Theatre Unleashed. Watching a great play brilliantly executed is only elevated by the passions they pour into every performance and the space they have that is such a joy to be in.”


Red Pen Ink

“These guys could likely make drywalling entertaining.”

– Red Pen Ink

Bitter Lemons

“Theatre Unleashed has been a Hollywood Fringe mainstay since year one, gifting L.A. with exciting new works. These guys know how to market AND have fun, which is an important combination in the Fringe universe and a welcome presence for everyone on the scene.”

– Bitter Lemons

Frontiers Magazine

“This is the sort of jolly group that seems as if they banded together to ‘put on a show’…the cast is so dedicated to what’s on stage, there is a bit of infectious energy to it.”

– Frontiers Magazine

First Comics News 2

“I drove home later that night knowing that New York may have Broadway but don’t worry art lovers, colorful live theatre/performance art is alive and well in Hollywood, CA.”

– First Comics News

Fanbase Press 3

“Clearly, Theatre Unleashed is a den of creative positivity that performers throughout the LA area would do well to join!”

– Fanbase Press

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