Yellow Means Caution

by Gregory Crafts
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Yellow Means Caution

(1M, 1F)

Max comes home and finds that his wife, Loretta has painted every surface in their apartment bright yellow. Is it a bold style choice, or a sign that there’s something amiss?

Yellow Means Caution premiered on February 5th, 2011 at NoHo Stages in North Hollywood, CA as a part of Theatre Unleashed’s 24-Hour Theatre Festival, Can’t Buy Me Love. It was inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

Directed by Erin Scott, the cast featured Derek Houck as Max and Jenn Scuderi Crafts as Loretta. Stage Manager Erin Scott.

Production History

May-June 2018
Part of Playzapalooza at The Santa Paula Theater Center
Directed by Tammy Mora

Max – Sean Neil
Loretta – Brianna Darlene

February 2017
Part of Short+Sweet Sydney 2017 at The Depot Theater
Winner – People’s Choice Award (Week 5)
Directed by Victoria Lewis

Max – Andrew Wang
Loretta – Emma Mylot

October-November 2016
Part of Short+Sweet Manila 2016 at the Power Mac Center
Directed by MC Capadiso

Max – Russel James Magno
Loretta – Zarah Pagay

March-April 2013
Part of The Best of 24 at studio/stage
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Jim Martyka

Max – Rotating
Loretta – Rotating

February 2011
Part of Can’t Buy Me Love at NoHo Stages
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Erin Scott

Max – Derek Houck
Loretta – Jenn Scuderi Crafts

February Career Accountability

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