Just Desserts

by Gregory Crafts

Music & Lyrics by Michael Gordon Shapiro

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Just Desserts

(2M, 1F, 1E)

If revenge is a dish best served cold, what does Karma taste like? Three heroic adventurers find a magical crown with powers beyond their wildest dreams, but only one can wear it. The bodies pile up as each makes their case to be the most worthy. An epic comic fantasy adventure delivered in ten minutes or less!

Just Desserts premiered on June 15th, 2013 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival as a part of Theatre Unleashed’s 24-Hour Theatre Experiment, Go Ahead, Make My…. It featured Ben Atkinson as Sir Wilhelm, Ashley Strand as Lady Emory, Dain August Ouradnik as Brother Phycus, and Liesl Jackson as the voice of The Crown. Directed by Liesl Jackson. Stage Manager Erin Scott.

A musical adaptation, featuring songs by Michael Gordon Shapiro, premiered in May 2014 at Theatre Unleashed as a part of the Passages one-act play festival.

Production History

May 2014
Part of Passages at The Belfry Stage
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Gregory Crafts
Music & Lyrics by Michael Gordon Shapiro

Sir Wilhelm – Mark Lopez
Lady Emory – Elisabeth Anne C Fenning
Brother Phycus – Shawn Cahill
The Crown – Lindsay Anne Braverman

June 2013

Part of Go Ahead, Make My… at Fringe Central
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Directed by Liesl Jackson

Sir Wilhelm – Ben Atkinson
Lady Emory – Ashley Strand
Brother Phycus – Dain August Ouradnik
The Voice of the Crown – Liesl Jackson

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