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Gregory Crafts

"Theatre Unleashed is projecting a noticeable theatrical evolution..."

- Gia on the Move

"A 'cutting edge,' fearless and talented bunch who 'tell it like it is.'"

- The Tolucan Times

"I’m looking forward to seeing how Unleashed will challenge themselves next."

- L.A. Splash

"Theatre Unleashed always has fun and amazing originality in its productions..."

- The Geek Authority

"It's worth staying up a night to encounter an evening's worth of fun and thrills in such cozy quarters as presented by this rather unique and colorful theater troupe…"

- Accessibility Live

"Throughout the past year, theatre company Theatre Unleashed has presented an engaging, thought-provoking, and extraordinarily relevant season of theatre to the audiences of Los Angeles."

- Fanbase Press

"With so many people constantly trying to put theatre in a box, it is comforting to know, out there among the shadows, defending truth and justice, there is Theatre Unleashed."

- The Huffington Post

"Theatre Unleashed has done what it is does best. The company takes an ordinary story and wraps it into a maze but with a simplicity that is unmistakable."

- Gia on the Move

"...a very talented company at the top of their game."

- The Theatre Ghost

"If the show is…produced by LA-based theatre company Theatre Unleashed, you should only expect hilarity to ensue."

- Fanbase Press

"Theatre Unleashed has been around awhile, but a couple of years in their loft at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church seems to have helped them find –and sustain — a new level of artistry."

- The Theatre Ghost

"...any [show] produced by Theatre Unleashed is well worth your time and deserving of your undivided attention."

- Fanboy Comics

"Like many of the other shows produced by Theatre Unleashed it’s a bottom line: 'this is it – this is as good as it gets', which is something that this company does very well."

- Gia on the Move

"In recent years, the Unleashed troupe has shown they can take on anything from Moliere to a 24-hour playmaking festival and give it a strong, intelligent staging."

- The Theatre Ghost

"Truly brilliantly pulled together, seat-of-your-pants, eye-popping, side-splitting, awe-inspiring, non-stop theatre!"


"I am quite a fan of Theatre Unleashed, and count this production among their best."

- The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses
Review of Only the Moon Howls

"Theatre Unleashed is that rarest of theatre companies that gazes ahead to the future while staying active in the present, and looks behind to the past while remaining creative in the now."


"Theatre Unleashed has delivered yet another show chock full of great performances."

- L.A. Splash

"The best theatre company in Hollywood."

- First Comics News

"Theatre Unleashed in North Hollywood always puts on shows that are always amazing, fresh and often emotionally moving..."

- The Geek Authority

"I love Theatre Unleashed. Watching a great play brilliantly executed is only elevated by the passions they pour into every performance and the space they have that is such a joy to be in."


"These guys could likely make drywalling entertaining."

- Red Pen Ink

"Theatre Unleashed has been a Hollywood Fringe mainstay since year one, gifting L.A. with exciting new works. These guys know how to market AND have fun, which is an important combination in the Fringe universe and a welcome presence for everyone on the scene."

- Bitter Lemons

"This is the sort of jolly group that seems as if they banded together to ‘put on a show’...the cast is so dedicated to what’s on stage, there is a bit of infectious energy to it."

- Frontiers Magazine

"I drove home later that night knowing that New York may have Broadway but don’t worry art lovers, colorful live theatre/performance art is alive and well in Hollywood, CA."

- First Comics News

"Clearly, Theatre Unleashed is a den of creative positivity that performers throughout the LA area would do well to join!"

- Fanbase Press

Gregory Crafts’ Full Producing Resume

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Gregory Crafts' Film Producing Credits

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Gregory Crafts' Theatre Producing Credits


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Focus on Acting and Lighting Design

Emerson College | Class of 2003

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