Gregory Crafts

"As his putative rival, Mr. Crafts is suave and elegant, projecting aristocratic confidence which devolves into withering fury and eventually an icy detachment which allows him to walk away from his dying wife."

- Dan Berkowitz, L.A. Post
Review of Ada and the Engine

"[Lovelace] could very easily have become nothing more than a thoughtless smug figure of a husband but [director Heidi] Powers and [Gregory] Crafts avoid that oversimplification, endowing him with a real love for a wife he can never truly understand."

- Christine Deitner, The Theatre Times
Review of Ada and the Engine

"[Crafts] shines just as well... I applaud his ability to transform the role into such a sympathetic character, his final moments with Ada on her deathbed are heartbreaking and tragic. "

- Mike Reyes,
Review of Ada and the Engine

"[Alex] Knox and [Gregory] Crafts are each excellent as the men who both love Ada and yet are eclipsed by her."

- Ernest Kearney,
Review of Ada and the Engine

"Crafts had a different role: the husband of someone who didn’t understand his wife having a technical relationship and friendship, but who learned how satisfaction of that aspect of his wife’s nature made her whole. Anyone who is married to an intellectual or a scientist understand that well, and I think Crafts portrayed it right."

- Daniel P. Faigin, Observations Along the Road
Review of Ada and the Engine

"Gregory Crafts was the only stand-out (except for the extra-campy Richard Epcar) as his performance was solid and his character actually seemed to have an arc to it."

– Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness
Review of Altered Spirits

"Having seen this role played many times, [Crafts]' is one of my favorite takes..."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Of Mice and Men

"WOW! Spencer Cantrell and Gregory Crafts give riveting performances..."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of Of Mice and Men

" Lennie – a difficult role, as it’s easy to play it as cliché or caricature – Mr. Crafts expertly conveys the man’s innate dignity and goodness, his simple delight in dreams of having rabbits to pet, and, ultimately, his sorrow and recognition that his 'bad things' have bollixed everything up."

- The Los Angeles Post
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Cantrell and Crafts deliver powerhouse performances. The duo's chemistry was truly infectious and heartwarming."

- Fanbase Press
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts is always stellar, both on stage and in the directorial chair."

- Fanbase Press
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts gives a subtle but provocative performance."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Of Mice and Men

"...Lennie, a role that an equally splendid Crafts invests with such genuine purity and goodness of spirit that George’s decision to stick by him makes perfect if perhaps misguided sense."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Both Cantrell and Crafts do well together independently on stage and as part of the ensemble cast."

- Gia on the Move
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts has the most difficult role to play, but navigates it with genuine unpremeditated emotional resonance."

- Gia on the Move
Review of Of Mice and Men

"[Crafts'] chemistry is abundant..."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Sleeping Around

"Recommended: Martyka and Bell’s sequence is particularly powerful – and so is the nicely pitched emotional scene between Cire and [Gregory] Crafts."

- Stage Raw
Review of Sleeping Around

"Superstar Greg Crafts, for instance kills with comedy in one scene then kills with heartbreak in the next."

- Actor Jim Hanna
Review of Sleeping Around

"Highlight performance was Eric Cire, and the work between him and his scene partner Gregory Crafts elegantly navigated the line between in your face and underplayed."

- Playwright Aaron Kozak
Review of Sleeping Around

"Gregory Crafts excelled as Seaborn Barnes."

- L.A. Theatre Examiner
Review of Round Rock

"[Crafts] is believable and authentic, taking the audience back over 100 years to a time and a place one only reads about but can no longer visit."

Review of Round Rock

"Gregory Crafts as Dr. Spiddermin is terrifically wacky."

- EyeSpyLA
Review of The Spidey Project

"[Crafts gives] a mad scientist cameo to remember."

- Musicals In L.A.
Review of The Spidey Project

"Good ole boy, Chester, tenderly revealed by Gregory Crafts is stalwart and calm under pressure as he keeps Lance and Colin from killing each other before their enemies do."

Review of The Birthday Boys

"The three Marines, Privates Chester Gullette (Gregory Crafts), Lance Tyler (Sean Fitzgerald) and Colin Carney (Jim Martyka) deserve a standing ovation after every performance."

Review of The Birthday Boys

"Gregory Crafts, Sean Fitzgerald, and Jim Martyka sustain an impressive level of tension through the better part of the show, with half-relationships that quickly coalesce into a brotherhood in the face of imminent peril." - L.A. Splash Review of The Birthday Boys

"GO: Crafts, as the most mature and levelheaded of the men, pleasantly subverts the stereotypical Marine."

- L.A. Weekly
Review of The Birthday Boys

"[Crafts] plays The Bear with the maximum of bluster and posturing."

- L.A. Times
Review of The Unserious Chekhov

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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Focus on Acting and Lighting Design

Emerson College | Class of 2003


  • Sketch Comedy at The Pack Theatre Eric Moneypenny
  • On-Camera Commercial Technique Judy Kain
  • Write Act Stage Combat & Sword Fighting Workshop Sean Fitzgerald
  • Write Act Improv Workshop Darren Yalaki
  • Commercial Casting Workshop Sheila Manning
  • Voice Over (Commercial & Animation) The VO Connection
  • Improv & Sketch Comedy The Berubians
  • Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. Master Classes Jay O. Sanders, Sam Weisman, Steve Mailer, Baron Kelly, Bob Walsh
  • Audition & Monologue Technique Dossy Peabody
  • The Business of Acting Brad Lemack
  • Viewpoints Richard Gillman
  • Performance for Television Rex Trailer
  • Meisner Technique Patricia Riggin
  • Scene Study Kathleen Donohue
  • Movement & Improvisation Sarah Hickler
  • Voice and Text (Linklater Technique) Antonio O. Guzman

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