Gregory Crafts

"Gregory Crafts was the only stand-out (except for the extra-campy Richard Epcar) as his performance was solid and his character actually seemed to have an arc to it."

– Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness
Review of Altered Spirits

"WOW! Spencer Cantrell and Gregory Crafts give riveting performances..."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of Of Mice and Men

"...Lennie, a role that an equally splendid Crafts invests with such genuine purity and goodness of spirit that George’s decision to stick by him makes perfect if perhaps misguided sense."

- StageSceneL.A.
Review of Of Mice and Men

" Lennie – a difficult role, as it’s easy to play it as cliché or caricature – Mr. Crafts expertly conveys the man’s innate dignity and goodness, his simple delight in dreams of having rabbits to pet, and, ultimately, his sorrow and recognition that his 'bad things' have bollixed everything up."

- The Los Angeles Post
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts is always stellar, both on stage and in the directorial chair."

- Fanbase Press
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Cantrell and Crafts deliver powerhouse performances. The duo's chemistry was truly infectious and heartwarming."

- Fanbase Press
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts gives a subtle but provocative performance."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Having seen this role played many times, [Crafts]' is one of my favorite takes..."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Crafts has the most difficult role to play, but navigates it with genuine unpremeditated emotional resonance."

- Gia on the Move
Review of Of Mice and Men

"Both Cantrell and Crafts do well together independently on stage and as part of the ensemble cast."

- Gia on the Move
Review of Of Mice and Men

"[Crafts'] chemistry is abundant..."

- The Geek Authority
Review of Sleeping Around

"Recommended: Martyka and Bell’s sequence is particularly powerful – and so is the nicely pitched emotional scene between Cire and [Gregory] Crafts."

- Stage Raw Sleeping Around

"Superstar Greg Crafts, for instance kills with comedy in one scene then kills with heartbreak in the next."

- Actor Jim Hanna
Review of Sleeping Around

"Highlight performance was Eric Cire, and the work between him and his scene partner Gregory Crafts elegantly navigated the line between in your face and underplayed."

- Playwright Aaron Kozak
Review of Sleeping Around

"Gregory Crafts excelled as Seaborn Barnes."

- L.A. Theatre Examiner
Review of Round Rock

"[Crafts] is believable and authentic, taking the audience back over 100 years to a time and a place one only reads about but can no longer visit."

Review of Round Rock

"Gregory Crafts as Dr. Spiddermin is terrifically wacky."

- EyeSpyLA
Review of The Spidey Project

"[Crafts gives] a mad scientist cameo to remember."

- Musicals In L.A.
Review of The Spidey Project

"The three Marines, Privates Chester Gullette (Gregory Crafts), Lance Tyler (Sean Fitzgerald) and Colin Carney (Jim Martyka) deserve a standing ovation after every performance."

Review of The Birthday Boys

"Good ole boy, Chester, tenderly revealed by Gregory Crafts is stalwart and calm under pressure as he keeps Lance and Colin from killing each other before their enemies do."

Review of The Birthday Boys

"Gregory Crafts, Sean Fitzgerald, and Jim Martyka sustain an impressive level of tension through the better part of the show, with half-relationships that quickly coalesce into a brotherhood in the face of imminent peril." - L.A. Splash Review of The Birthday Boys

"GO: Crafts, as the most mature and levelheaded of the men, pleasantly subverts the stereotypical Marine."

- L.A. Weekly
Review of The Birthday Boys

"[Crafts] plays The Bear with the maximum of bluster and posturing."

- L.A. Times
Review of The Unserious Chekhov


LOCK & KEY Supporting Tiffany Gist Ameera Davis
SHOOK Lead Hold For Plane Pictures Travis Dixon
IT’S JUST A GAME Lead Columbia College Hollywood Julia Tran
A GLORY SEWN Supporting Dixon2 Productions Travis Dixon Official Selection:
The Danny Elfman Project
THE CLUB Supporting Hold For Plane Pictures Liesl Jackson
STEVE JOBS: THE MISSING FOOTAGE Supporting Drinks Provided Comedy Josh Auter
ALTERED SPIRITS Supporting Finch Hollow Productions Peter Bohush
CLYDE HATES BONNIE Lead a joe wilson joint Joe Wilson
TOY GUN Lead The Rabble House Nicholas Ryan Weber
STAR WARS THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK UNCUT Supporting Theatre Unleashed Gregory Crafts
ZOMBIE SPEED DATING Lead F’d Up Productions Kevin Gaffuri
DAY OF FRINGE Supporting The Hollywood Fringe Festival Ken Peterson
FANGAGRA Supporting Pizza & Beer Flicks Alex Warth
THE HUNTED GOES TO BOOK CLUB Lead Spenser Coates Spenser Coates
GROWING, GROWING, GONE Lead Elana Lury Elana Lury
MY HEAVEN, YOUR HELL Lead 7th Floor Studios Carlos Martinez
STRIKE NEWS Lead Out in the Street Productions Jon Raymond
THE STUDIO EXEC Lead Out in the Street Productions Jon Raymond
BANK ISSUES Lead Out in the Street Productions Jon Raymond
THE MAGIC PIE Lead Out in the Street Productions Jon Raymond
‘SCAPE Supporting Out in the Street Productions Jon Raymond
THE LAST SENTINEL Supporting Gorilla Pictures Jesse Johnson
RUMBLINGS Supporting Xenogenesis Prods. Doron Kipper
AFTER THE ADVENTURE Supporting 7th Floor Studios Gregory Crafts
STUPIDMAN Lead P-I-P Films Jim Polivka
GOOD INTENTIONS Supporting Wanted Pictures Matthew Price
EIGHT-ISH Supporting After Six Productions Jon Raymond
THE BROTHERHOOD Supporting Renegade Worldwide Films Sean Thompson
THE WAITING ROOM Lead Square 1 Productions Darren Guttenberg
NIGHTMARES Supporting 2035 Productions Mike Keohan
THE HOUSE OF GRIMM Supporting Warner Films Desmond Gumbs
SOLEICISM Supporting Picayune Productions Roland Brown
40 WINKS TO LIFE Supporting SLAM! Productions Jessica Moore
MARRIED TO A GUNN Lead Apocalypse Ryzing Prod. William Lee
FUGUE Supporting Original Fools Productions Michael Garidol
PRODUCTION Supporting (InsertCleverNameHere) Prod. Jeff Meredith
MICROCOSMS & MUPPET BABIES Lead Apocalypse Ryzing Prod. William Lee
CHANCE FORGIVEN Supporting MC2 Productions Milena Chiobasu
NIGHT PRIMROSE Lead USC Grad Film Joy Chen
INTACT Supporting ECLA Student Film Amy Wasserman
BETWEEN DARKNESS & DAWN Lead Warlords Productions Matt LePage
BEAST NUM6ER Lead Warlords Productions Justin Caless
MOBIL Supporting ECLA Student Film David A. Clemmons
GHOSTS OF THE PAST Lead Emerson Student Film Nate Wilson
THE ETHOS PROJECT Lead Emerson Student Film Jenna Tantleff
FASHIONABLY LATE Supporting Emerson Student Film Jenna Tantleff
BUYING A DAN FOLGELBERG CD Supporting Emerson Student Film Michael West
MADE IN TAIWAN MAN Lead Emerson Student Film Doug Baughman
PASSING Supporting Emerson Student Film Mervyn Teo
OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS Lead Warlords Productions Matt LePage
THE CLOCK FALLS Lead 186 Productions Fatma Colakoglu
TOY HUNTER Himself Sharp Entertaiment Tara Boneillo  
THE NERDIST: TRIBUTE TO TOYS & GAMES Himself BBC America   Hosted by Chris Hardwick
ANONYMOUS CONFESSIONS Recurring Anonymous Productions John Lant Pilot
UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER Reenactment GRB Entertainment David Abbitt  
INSTANT SOUP Day Player Reality Inc. Productions Deborah Ridpath Pilot
SEEING STARS Guest Star Painless Productions Ricky Kalmon  
ROCKING HORSE WORKOUT SYSTEM Guest Star Emerson Independent Video Bill Tomlinson Nominee – Best Television Project, 2000 EVVY Awards
EYEMISSEDIT NEWS Guest Star Emerson Independent Video Kelly Cam  
CRAIGSLIST HITMEN Guest Star Bryan Gaston Bryan Gaston  
ROB’S WORLD Guest Star Michael Andrew Daniels John Borges  
MR. CUPID Lead Warner Bros. Geoffrey Golden  
ABSOLUTION Recurring Vegas Productions John Gardiner  
SUNNY AFTERNOON Det. Richard “Dick” Sims Gangbusters Theatre Co. Christian Levatino Part of “The Big Event,” Parts 1-3 of the Black Bag Pentaology by Christian Levatnio
DARK ARTS: EPILOGUE Supporting The Ichabod’s Cranium Players Lawrence Meyers  
OF MICE AND MEN * Lead Theatre Unleashed Aaron Lyons 2017 Valley Theatre Awards

  • Win – Best Actor
  • Nom – Best Ensemble
  • Nom – Best Play

WOW! StageSceneLA

An Unintentional Comedy
Dee Snider The Ichabod’s Cranium Players & Theatre Unleashed Fred Keller  
NILBOG: THE UNAUTHORIZED MUSICAL PARODY OF TROLL 2 Sheriff Gene Freak 2cents theatre group Kristen Boulé World Premiere
THE DEVIL’S BRIDE Don John the Bastard (Lead – u/s) Theatre Unleashed Wendy Gough Soroka  
CHARLOTTE’S WEB Uncle Homer Sierra Madre Playhouse Gary Lamb  
SLEEPING AROUND Sam Theatre Unleashed Wendy Gough Soroka 2015 Hollywood Fringe Awards

  • Nom – Top of the Fringe
  • Nom – Fringe Award for Ensemble Theatre

Stage Raw Recommended

World Premiere

THE PERFECT GAME Center Field Brimmer Street Theatre Company David Jette World Premiere
TARTUFFE Ensemble Theatre Unleashed Jeff Soroka  
ROUND ROCK Seaborn Barnes Theatre Unleashed Aaron Kozak  
THE SPIDEY PROJECT Dr. Spiderman Theatre Unleashed David Chrzanowski West Coast Premiere
THE BIRTHDAY BOYS PFC Chester Gullette Theatre Unleashed Jacob Smith GO – L.A. Weekly
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A LIVE RADIO PLAY Dayton Parker Theatre Unleashed Erin Scott  
25 PLAYS PER HOUR Ensemble Theatre Unleashed Jacob Smith  
THE BEAR Smirnov Theatre Unleashed Pamela Moore  
CUPID’S BEAU Mark Theatre Unleashed Gregory Crafts  
PULP GRAVEYARD READER’S THEATRE Ensemble Theatre Unleashed Andrew Moore  
ONCE UPON AN F’ING ISLAND Man Theatre Unleashed Carlos Martinez  
THE WAY OF THE WORLD Petulant Theatre Unleashed Colleen Reilly  
THE TEMPEST Spirit Theatre Unleashed Jeff Soroka  
AT THE THRESHOLD Mike Theatre Unleashed Andrew Moore  
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Flute Write Act Repertory Jeff Soroka  
World Premiere
Glaukos Write Act Repertory Will Aaron  
MY HEAVEN, YOUR HELL Henry Write Act Repertory Carlos Martinez  
BAD SEED Montano Write Act Repertory Paul Eppleston  
HAPPY HOUR Mick Write Act Repertory Tracy Peyton  
A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME Michael Write Act Repertory John Lant  
HAMLET, ACT VI Fortenbras Write Act Repertory Tchia Casselle  
THE MECHANICALS Tom Sacred Fools Theatre Company Aaron Francis  
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Vincentio Crown City Theatre Company Gary Lamb  
JULIUS CAESAR Cinna the Conspirator The Charlens Company Al Charlens, PhD.  
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Tranio Prizm Productions Aaron Thomas  
THE FUN & ART THEATRE “C” Palos Verde Players Suki Lammers  
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Egeus/Tom Snout Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. Doug Mercer  
MACBETH Caithness (u/s) Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. Steve Mailer  
CUBICLES Bill Emerson Stage Kurt Miller Workshop
THE TEMPEST Stephano Atlantis Playmakers Kimberly Davis-Basso  
NOODLE DOODLE BOX The Evil Drum Major Atlantis Playmakers Jaycee Bates  
THROUGH A GLASS WETLY Buck Atlantis Playmakers Kimberly Davis-Basso  
ALL THE DETAILS Pierre Levosieur Atlantis Playmakers Kimberly Davis-Basso  
BOB’S HORNSWOGGLING MALARKEY Soldier Emerson Stage Richard Gillman  
THE PICTURE The Large Gentleman Emerson Stage Lori Uebelhart  
CHEE CHEE Chee Chee Emerson Stage Kate McDonough  
WAR IN HEAVEN Angel Emerson Stage Kate McDonough  
DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE A NAME? John Emerson Stage Joanna Bolalek  
KILL HER John Emerson Stage Troy Siegfried Workshop
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Goldberg/McCann Emerson Stage Judy Craigo  
BOYS LIFE Man Emerson Stage John Bowen  
THE PHILADELPHIA Mark Emerson Stage Jason Rossman  
WAITING FOR GODOT Lucky Emerson Stage Josh Sloyer  
THE MIRACLE WORKER Capt. Keller PVI Players Steven Cupp  
HENRY, SWEET HENRY Henry Orient PVI Players Elwood Anaheim  
THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER Baker PVI Players Troy Dobosiewicz  
ANYTHING GOES Cameraman/Sailor PVI Players Troy Dobosiewicz  
THE MADWOMAN OF CHALLOT The Waiter PVI Players Troy Dobosiewicz  
THERE COMES A TIME The Lab Tech LampLight Radio Theatre Andrew Wardlaw Episode 1.3
THE KATNISS CHRONICLES: SEASON 3 Ensemble TKC Productions Sam Rhodes  
STAR TREK: FEDERATION ONE Guest Star Hidden Frontier Productions James DeRuvo  
STARFLEET RENEGADES Series Regular Quindar Entertainment James DeRuvo  
HALF LIFE Ensemble Tsunami Radio Theatre Co. Patrick Redden  
THE WORLD’S SMALLEST RENAISSANCE FAIRE King Gregory the Just Theatre Unleashed Gregory Crafts  
THE HOLIDAYS UNLEASHED Binky the Bitter Elf Theatre Unleashed Phillip Kelly  
DEAD BEAT POETS SOCIETY Ensemble Theatre Unleashed Jim Martyka  
THEATRE UNLEASHED PRESENTS… Ensemble Theatre Unleashed Jim Martyka  
THE WRITE ACT REVUE Company Mem. Write Act Repertory Lou Briggs  
DUNGEON MASTER: The Ultimate Improv Adventure Company Mem. Flatline Entertainment Bruce A. Young  
B.Y.O.B. Company Mem. The Berubians Chris Berube  
MOGA MOBILE GAMING ACCESSORIES “DEAD BATTERY AGONY” Supporting The Rabble House Nicholas Ryan Weber  
GOD OF WAR II: BATTLE OF THE GODS Featured BattleOfTheGods.TV Angelo Mazzamuto  
MONSTER.COM Principle 7th Floor Studios David Orosz Spec Spot
Principle Team DangerForce Justin Caless Spec Spot
Supporting Wormser Productions Michael Wormser Spec Spot
Gregory Crafts' Education and Training

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Focus on Acting and Lighting Design

Emerson College | Class of 2003


  • On-Camera Commercial Technique Judy Kain
  • Write Act Stage Combat & Sword Fighting Workshop Sean Fitzgerald
  • Write Act Improv Workshop Darren Yalaki
  • Commercial Casting Workshop Sheila Manning
  • Voice Over (Commercial & Animation) The VO Connection
  • Improv & Sketch Comedy The Berubians
  • Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. Master Classes Jay O. Sanders, Sam Weisman, Steve Mailer, Baron Kelly, Bob Walsh
  • Audition & Monologue Technique Dossy Peabody
  • The Business of Acting Brad Lemack
  • Viewpoints Richard Gillman
  • Performance for Television Rex Trailer
  • Meisner Technique Patricia Riggin
  • Scene Study Kathleen Donohue
  • Movement & Improvisation Sarah Hickler
  • Voice and Text (Linklater Technique) Antonio O. Guzman
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