Back in September, Jenn and I were privileged to be interviewed by Michael Lutheran and Daniel Tuttel from The Hollywood Hustle podcast! We talked about what brought us to Los Angeles, how we met and fell in love, building Theatre Unleashed, starting StageCrafts and buying studio/stage, and what we are doing with our careers! It was such a comprehensive and in-depth conversation, they spit it into two episodes! Check out the main episode here, where we talk about how we built Theatre Unleashed and managed to parlay that into buying our own theater.

All of the details are below. Give the episode a listen, then check out The Side Hustle, which covers why we moved to L.A. and how we met. If you like that, subscribe to The Hollywood Hustle on your preferred podcast platform (all linked below).

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Ep. 76 – “So, You Bought a Theater. Now What?” feat. Greg and Jenn Crafts


About the Episode

For our final interview of Season 2, which is crazy to write, we are bringing you an interview two years in the scheduling. Over the last two seasons you’ve heard our Producer, Michael Lutheran, discuss his membership with the theater troupe, “Theatre Unleashed”, as well as his performances at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. Both of these theater establishments are owned and run by the Husband and Wife team of Greg and Jenn Crafts. Greg is an incredible writer and actor, as well as super handy behind the scenes, Jenn Crafts is an amazingly talented actress and producer. From their separate journeys from the east coast, their “meet-cute” in Los Angeles and their journey together through the LA Theater scene we get an inside look at how those close to us can make us stronger and how crazy running your own theater can be.

This episode is also a preview of the changes coming to how we are structuring next season’s episodes. Our interviews will no longer be operated into Acts, they will be released as one full episode. Also, the origin sections of our interviews will now be shared through a narrative section in our Intros, so that when we enter the interview we are in the meat of the conversation, discussing our guests move to Los Angeles and their hustle.

Do not miss this amazing love story and the knowledge of life living in the LA theater scene.

Let the Hustle Begin!!

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