The Big Event – Sunny Afternoon, King Dick, and …Meantime at HoJo’s

These three pieces represent 60% of The Black Bag Pentalogy. BBP is a five-play series that holds a magnifying glass up to five very distinct and seminal moments in American history.

1954 – 1963 – 1968 – 1970 – 1972

All five pieces stand alone, but together they tell a tale of greed, corruption, murder, mayhem, and madness that takes place behind the curtain and in the corridors of power.

Sunny Afternoon

November 22nd, 1963: The kickoff of a 48 hr interrogation for Lee Harvey Oswald in the custody of Dallas Homicide Captain Will Fritz, where they discuss; Baynes Barron, Russia, Coca-Cola, Jim Brown, a mysterious package, backyard photographs and Friday afternoon in Dealy Plaza.

King Dick

Christmastime,1970: The King just spent 100G’s on gifts, and he’s on the run from Graceland. High on Demerol and liquid Ritalin, Elvis concocts a scheme to offer the leader of the free world his influential voice in exchange for a new symbol of power.

…Meantime At HoJo’s

Friday night, June 16th, 1972: Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy have business to tend. Tonight’s Mission: Oversee a group of five men sent inside the offices of the Democratic National Committee’s Headquarters in search of a file containing dirt or derogatory information about the Republican Party, aka a “shit file”.

What the fuck could possibly go wrong?


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