I had a lot of fun playing with my new LEDs lighting this show. The Blizzard LB PAR Hexes may not be that great at replicating color gels, but you still get a lovely spectrum from them. Sometimes you just need to open the color wheel, click a random spot and say “this.” Fortunately, Brittany Stahl’s solo show, Love After Death covered an incredibly wide emotional and mental spectrum, giving me lots of opportunities to play. I’m pretty sure my favorite moment in here is the washed-out gradient rainbow of colors I used to highlight her passage on depression; you could see colors, but they aren’t vibrant or vivid. What I wanted to convey was akin to eating food without taste; you go through the motions, but experience or connect with very little. Pretty sure I nailed it.

About Love After Death

What happens when love meets anxiety? And OCD? And depression? Join me in this comedic exploration of all the neurotic tendencies and defense mechanisms between me and something called happy. If I can get out of my own way, I just might figure it out. Then again, it might be the death of me.