A new year, a new production of A Very DIE HARD Christmas. This time, Christmas came in June, as Theatre Unleashed brought John McClane and company to the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. I once again had the privilege of directing this show and hosting it at studio/stage. Of course, with a new venue, you need a new light plot, so I took it upon myself to re-build our signature plot from scratch, keeping what I could from our original runs at The Belfry Stage, but also taking the opportunity to make improvements where I could. All-in-all, I have to say I’m very satisfied with the results. Audiences must have been as well; they voted us Best Comedy. No joke.

About A Very DIE HARD Christmas

High above the city of L.A., a team of terrorists has seized a building, taken hostages, and declared war. One man has managed to escape. An off-duty cop hiding somewhere inside. He’s alone, tired…and he doesn’t like Christmas. Come see a stage version of the holiday classic, complete with action, humor, Professor Snape taking people hostage, singing, dancing, the guy from ‘Family Matters,’ guns, puppets, explosions, the EPA guy from ‘Ghostbusters’ getting punched in the face, and Christmas miracles and familiar holiday friends galore. Maybe even an appearance by the legend himself, Santa Claus! Yippee Ki-Yay, Father Christmas!