May Recap

– Fringe Madness has taken hold! Greg has spent the month in rehearsals for the classic Holiday parody A Very DIE HARD Christmas!

– The rest of May was spent creating lighting designs at studio/stage and The Hobgoblin Playhouse for more than a dozen Fringe shows! Check out his updated designer resume for a full list of credits!

– Greg‘s ten-minute plays Hang a Lampshade On It and Yellow Means Caution opened in Columbus, Ohio and Santa Paula, CA, respectively, with the Columbus Dispatch calling Lampshade “sly!”

What’s Next!

A Very DIE HARD Christmas, directed by Greg, and Met Again, produced by Greg‘s company, Theatre Unleashed, are ready to open at this year’s festival! Tickets are on sale now at Industry comps available! E-Mail Greg directly at or Tweet him at @gregorycrafts.

– Greg’s 10-minute play, Pink Hat Blues, opens this month at The Hobgoblin Playhouse as a part of Live From the Hobgoblin, It’s Hank!

Onward and Upward!