Welcome to the first episode of What We Do When We’re Dark, a vlog about the lives of two Los Angeles-based theatre artists, their venue, and the goings-on (and occasional hijinks) behind the scenes. This weekly vlog will highlight events and productions happening at the various StageCrafts properties, as well as share some of the fun things the owners do, both theatrical and mundane. In this episode, Jenn and Greg host Thanksgiving on the stage at studio/stage, celebrating the holiday with friends from the #LAThtr community!

If you enjoy this episode, check out some killer “leftovers” – bonus footage as Greg Crafts and Greg Machlin do a dramatic cold read of that awesome Twitter thread by Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig!

What do we mean by “dark”? Well, the TDF Theatre Dictionary tells us a playhouse (like studio/stage) is “lit” when there’s a show running in it—until the production shutters and the theatre is said to “go dark.” That’s almost never a good thing, at least as far as the building’s landlord is concerned. With luck, it won’t be long until a new show loads in and the theatre is lit again.

For the context of this vlog, “dark” means any time a performance or an event is not actually in progress on our stage, and our goal is to answer the burning question “what happens in The Room Where It Happens when there’s nothing happening?”

This week’s shenanigans include moving out our kitchen down to the space, an emergency run to Smart and Final, cooking turkey in the oven, making mac’n’cheese on the bbq grill, a sentimental toast, Rock Band on the cyclorama, a mind-bending illusion by Micah the Magician, and a special appearance by our new kitten, Mr. Bailey!

The Thanksgiving What We Do When We’re Dark Show Notes!