A couple weeks ago, I saw a post in one of the TU Facebook groups – some friends of ours in Echo Park had rescued a baby kitten and were looking for someone to foster him temporarily. Now when I say baby, I mean BABY – like three or four weeks old at most.

He’d been found abandoned in a dumpster and was remarkably clean and healthy, despite being apart from his mother for at least a couple days. But he was underweight and chilled (kittens can’t regulate their own body temperature for the first few weeks, which is why they sleep in piles), and required bottle feedings every three hours. Our friends had full-time jobs and a dog, so taking care of him themselves wasn’t an option.

So, I happen to be at the bar with a couple of friends that night, checking my Facebook feed during a lull in the conversation, like ya do, when I stumble on that fateful post. I text Jenn, who simply replied “we’re going to have three cats now, aren’t we?” and then reached out to our friends.

Anna brought him by the next morning, and we immediately took him to the vet, who gave him a clean bill of health – no FIV, no feline leukemia. Just a little underweight, and struggling with some exploding poo (as in “exploding all over the inside of my car”) after being stuck with a street cat diet for a week.

We brought him home… and let’s just say Ms. Miranda and Mr. Jake, our two cats of almost a decade, were none too thrilled about this interloper. But we put them on an integration program, and now after three weeks, they’ve come to grudgingly tolerate his presence. I mean, how could anyone resist that face!

After bottle feeding him around the clock for a couple weeks, he’s now moved up to wet food, gaining weight and growing rapidly. He’s also hungry all the time, and I mean All The Time. I think it’s because he’s figuring out how to climb and jump everywhere.

Oh, and he’s gassy.

And his farts smell like rancid tuna fish.

But he purrs like a chainsaw, and we still adore him.

We’re a part of another awesome Facebook Group called the LA Underground Cat Network, a great way to break up the doom and gloom of your feed with cat pictures, and posted a couple questions there, along with pictures of Mr. Bailey (whom we named for George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life). Well, pictures of Mr. Bailey have become so popular, he’s gotten his own hashtag (#DailyBailey) and adoring fan club.

Mr. Bailey’s our holiday miracle this year, and we can’t thank our friends enough for introducing us to him. Thank you, Josh and Anna. You’ve given the best holiday gift we could have asked for.