“TU’s scene designer, Ann Hurd, has created a masterpiece — she’s turned The Belfry’s wee black box into a deep cavern of gloom, filled with suggestive fragments and shadows. Indeed, the set plays as active (and surprising) a part as the actors.”

“Meredith gets the lion’s share of transformations, and executes them with speed and skill that will leave actors in the audience speechless (and rather green).”

“The tale rockets along, thanks to the sure pacing of Jacob Smith (who led an equally taut — and more serious — thriller in 2015’s Ligature Marks).”

Thank you for coming, Mark! Always wonderful to see The Theatre Ghost in the flesh. Bummer this review came out a couple weeks after closing, as your kind words may have helped us sell a few more seats, but I count it a win, anyhow. I hope you’ll join us for A Very DIE HARD Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play this year.

“Woman in Black” Set Free by Theatre Unleashed

About The Woman in Black at Theatre Unleashed:

Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt and based on the book by Susan Hill, The Woman in Black is a chilling classic ghost story in its purest form. A lawyer who has experienced a recent tragedy and believes his family is cursed hires a skeptical but enthusiastic actor to help him tell his tale and hopefully exorcise the fear that paralyzes him. With the actor’s help, he shares his story of that dark and stormy night when he first saw a horrifying specter, one that haunts the neighborhood where her illegitimate child was killed. As they prepare their performance, they experience something unsettling as they learn more about what happens to those who have witnessed The Woman in Black.

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