About a week and a half ago, I treated myself to some new headshots. I needed to get new pictures done after cutting my hair short for Of Mice and Men, and recently that rare confluence of circumstances occurred where I have both the time and money to make it happen. So, I sent an e-mail off to my friend Rob Kazandjian of Robert Kazandjian Photography and set an appointment. He had an opening for me the Friday before Thanksgiving, about two weeks from the date I sent the e-mail. Perfect!

I went and got a haircut that day, so my hair would be grown out *just enough* by the time the shoot happened. I drank plenty of fluids and got as much rest as I reasonably could on the days leading up to the shoot. The night before, I gathered up a bunch of different outfits based on character breakdowns I’d written for the various “types” I wanted to show off. The next morning, I had a quick breakfast and filled my Tervis coffee cup with hot java, and headed over to Rob’s photo studio in Burbank.

Rob and I get along really well – we’re both huge baseball fans (well, he roots for the Angels though – but hey, nobody’s perfect), we love to play poker, and we love to travel. We’ve got a nice, easygoing rapport when we shoot, and I always get results that get me into the audition room, which is why I keep going back to him for new pictures time and time again.

That day, we shot over five hundred and seventy photos, spread across eight looks. Not bad for ninety minutes. I got the pictures Monday. Normally, I’d pick only my favorites from each look and share them online for feedback, but this time, I decided to post the whole shoot on my personal Facebook feed. Why? Because I have a wide range of people on there, from childhood best friends to folks I met playing D&D at the beginning of the month, and they all see me differently than I see myself.

Some folks have been really quick to go through the whole session and react to their favorites. Those are the pictures posted above – the crowd favorites. It’s very likely that these will be my new pictures going forward. Right now, I’m soliciting some more feedback but will probably make my final choices later this week.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone that’s given me their opinions so far. I’ve made the album public, so if you’d like to check out the whole shoot, feel free. Be sure to react or comment on your favorites. Every bit of insight helps.

Onward and upward!