The White Horse Tavern, New York City

The White Horse Tavern, New York City - featured on My First FringeNYC Adventure Part 8: Closing is Such Sweet Sorrow

My family headed over to The White Horse Tavern and we took over most of the Dylan Thomas Room (apropos, no?). We had a wonderful dinner full of toasts, laughter, and celebration. We got the entire bar to sing Happy Birthday to my Uncle Kevin (and yes, it actually was his birthday). In breaking with my teetotaler ways for just a moment, I even had a beer (well, a hard cider) in honor of the occasion. I can honestly say that this was perhaps one of the most fun reunions I can remember. Hours passed and finally, the family gathering broke up, with everyone heading off in their own direction. As for Erin, Jenn and I, we headed to the Upper East Side to meet with some of the cast at Serendipity 3.