Famous Last Words and Hang a Lampshade On It are headed to O’Shadowfest 2017!

I spent part of my weekend tracking down play submission opportunities on Play Submissions Helper and sending out scripts to various companies (as chronicled on my Twitter feed). Today, I got word that not one but two of my scripts had been accepted to another opportunity I submitted to weeks ago: The Offending Shadows Theatre Company 2017 O’ShadowFest, where they will compete for the O’Shadow Cup.

My scripts Famous Last Words and Hang a Lampshade On It will be going up for one night apiece September 22nd and 23rd at studio/stage.

Yes, the festival will be happening at the theatre I manage. No, I don’t think that’s why they got accepted (at least I hope not). No, the crew from Offending Shadows chose to host this year’s festival at studio/stage well before I even decided to submit my scripts. They worked with us earlier this year during the Fringe when we hosted their Encore! winning production of So You Want to Be a Vampire, in all of its bloody glory, and we’re thrilled to have them back again for this event.

I’m currently seeking two directors, as I certainly don’t want to have to direct my own plays again.

The Boys of Spring and Fall closes out Short+Sweet Hollywood

Speaking of directing my own work, The Boys of Spring and Fall were a part of the grand finale of Short+Sweet Hollywood this past weekend. It’s quite an honor to finish in the top ten out of more than eighty plays. This is the second of my plays to finish with such distinction at a Short+Sweet Festival (the first being Yellow Means Caution at Short+Sweet Sydney). Very proud of how well this show did, and incredibly grateful for both Christian Levatino and Gordon Meacham, and their outstanding work. Thank you guys!