September 7th, 2010

My First FringeNYC Adventure Part 7. Okay. Did I mention that we had gotten a second excellent review on Day 6? Well, we did. It was from and it was awesome. I’ll re-post it here in a moment.

Friday. Tonight’s show promised to be the biggest house (over 30 reservations on the books) and it was going to be full of friends and family. We couldn’t wait. What made it even more exciting was a review/blurb we’d gotten from the New York Observer, listing us as something they “loved this week” and that this show sounded like something “That beats watching a Gossip Girl rerun!” Nice.

Jenn and I slept in while Erin got up early to visit her folks (who were in town to see the show) and spend the day with them. When we finally rolled out of bed, we cleaned up and headed out. We had lunch at the pizza place by the apartment (the same one Erin and I were at when Ryan and Jay pulled their little prank on us) and jumped on the subway. We went up to Build-a-Bear on 5th Ave. to pick up a thank you gift for Alya for her amazing tech save the day before, and a birthday present for Jen Bailey, our beloved Diz. From there, we strolled up to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and enjoyed a quiet moment together, marveling at this beautiful sanctuary. Afterwards, we walked up in the direction of Central Park and hung out for a little while by the fountain outside the Park Plaza Hotel. At this point, my parents called. They’d just gotten to their hotel in the Financial District. With two hours to kill before call time and nothing else planned, we headed downtown to meet my folks for a quick drink.

Along the way, Jenn and I picked up a gift for Erin as a thank you for all of the hard work she’d put in to stage managing this show. When you consider how long she’s lived with this show – thirty-one performances over four productions in fourteen months, it’s considerable. Now, a run like that may not sound like much when compared to that of a Broadway show (or even off-Broadway professional theater), but Erin’s only been stage managing for about the same amount of time that I’ve known my wife (four years for those keeping count) and this show was a major milestone for her.

So, we met with my folks and hung out for about twenty minutes (far too short an amount of time, in my opinion) and headed up to the space. Erin had already gotten the consumables for that night, along with thank you cards for our wonderful venue reps and a birthday card for Jen. I coordinated the card signings and the show began. It was great seeing such a mix of familiar and new faces, everyone excited to see the show. The cast rode that wave and delivered with an incredibly solid run.

After the show, I managed to get the cast, crew and audience members hanging outside the Stage Door to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jen when she came out. From there, we all rolled to Magnolia Bakery and picked up birthday cupcakes and cookies.

After the bakery, we walked up to Rosa Mexicano in Union Square for dinner, where we (Me, Jenn, Erin, Jen, Matt, Matt’s Brother, Ryan, Ryan’s Friend, Corwin and Sarah) managed to rack up a pretty impressive tab and enjoy some top-notch Mexican food.

Afterward, the “kids” went bar hopping while “Mom & Dad (and Mom)” (Erin, myself and Jenn) headed home. We thought we’d get home quickly, but the infamously slow L and G lines conspired to make our trip home a solid two hours. After a trip like that, the last thing we wanted to do was climb up the four flights of stairs to get back to the apartment, but we persevered and finally got some well-earned rest.