September 5th, 2010

My FirstFringeNYC Adventure Part 6: I woke up with the afternoon sun hitting me right in the face. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes with one hand, while the other shot out at the nightstand, seeking my glasses. Instead, I found my phone, grabbed it and turned it over. The display read 3:06. I’d wanted to get up an hour before and we had a show at 4:45 with a 4pm call time. Oops. I was a little puzzled because the girls said they’d give me a wake-up call at 2.

That’s when I noticed the text message from my wife: “Greg, call me please!”

And the three other, similar text messages.

And the 35 missed calls.

Turns out, I’d left my phone on vibrate.

Big oops.

I texted Jenn back and let her know I was awake and getting ready. She said that Erin was already on her way back to the apartment to get me (and, more importantly, the MacBook with the sound plot for the show on it). I hit the shower and was almost dressed when the very angry Erin called. I buzzed her in, finished getting ready, grabbed the Mac and we hit the road around 3:30.

Now, we thought we’d only be a few minutes late, but for some reason both the G and the L trains were running incredibly slowly. So, we wound up rolling in at 4:35. Five minutes AFTER the house was supposed to open. Thankfully, Jenn and the cast were both on their “A” games. Everything was set up and ready to go (except sound) and Jenn had gotten consumables. After a very small sound SNAFU (quickly and adeptly fixed by Alya, our incredible tech manager), we opened the house with five minutes to spare and the show started on time! How awesome is that?

It was another small house, but a lively one. I stayed outside to process the box office report, which took a little longer than usual. I thought about going in to the show after I’d finished, but the raucous laughter I heard told me that this was a very solid run and I didn’t want to risk taking the audience out of it by walking in and finding a seat. So, I hung out with Nina, Alya and Cait for a while. We chilled and chatted for a bit. About halfway through the show, my stomach started growling. I strolled over to the same hole-in-the-wall pizza joint I’d visited with Erin two days prior, grabbed two slices of ‘roni and a Diet Pepsi, ate and got back just as the show ended. Perfect timing.

The audience left the house all smiles. They’d loved it, which was fantastic (we had another producer checking out this run). Even better, I had a few friends in the house, including Booth Daniels from Booth & Pat. I’d met Booth at the Hollywood Fringe Festival back in June while we were both busking for our respective shows. Jenn and I saw their act and they were side-splittingly hilarious. They lived up to their billing as “the Smothers Brothers on Crystal Meth.” If you’re in New York, go see them. Seriously, you won’t regret it. Matter of fact, check out this video of one of their best songs – Booth & Pat – Let It Be.

Another treat – my brother-in-law, Andy, had taken the train down from Massachusetts to come and see the show. He was just in for the day, as he was headed off to a college reunion that weekend, so Andy, Jenn, Erin and I went to dinner together after the show – a Texas BBQ place in Times Square. Really, REALLY good bbq. I was skeptical at first, but they made me a believer.

Anyway, we talked about what Andy was up to with film school and working at Disney World, talked about the show (and marveled at the review again), and enjoyed some HUGE plates of food. Near the end of the meal, we asked Andy what his travel plans were for that night (since he wasn’t planning on staying over in the city), and he told us he was going to take the last train back to Mass that evening. Well, we checked the schedule on our phones and the last train was at 9:15 out of Grand Central. It was 8:30. We settled the bill, ran downstairs and I grabbed him a cab. We had a two-second goodbye and he was off like a shot for the train station. From there, the girls and I wandered around Times Square a bit, checked out Toys’R’Us (I got a Red Sox bear and a Mets Pez dispenser), and headed home. We were all exhausted, so we didn’t bother staying up too late. Besides, we all had more family coming in the next day, so it was early to bed that night.