This past weekend, the Theatre Unleashed Writers Den went on our annual writers’ retreat to a house in Frazier Park, about 90 minutes north of the city. Ten of us enjoyed a quiet weekend away in the woods where we… sat on our laptops and wrote without distraction. For a whole weekend.

I managed to get work done on a couple of scripts (and finish this shiny new website). It was just what I needed. At night, we switched between playing games and working quietly. I’d sleep in the morning, nap in the afternoon, put on a pot of coffee at night and work straight through sunrise. In a word, it was glorious.

Both nights, I took a break and wandered out onto the back deck of the house with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, looked up and watched the Peresid Meteor Shower.

Oh! Did I mention the bear? There was a bear.

BEAR! #writersretreat

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See? A bear.

So. The story. Saturday afternoon, there was a sudden commotion on the back deck. We went out back and looked down into the neighbor’s back yard below… and there was a rather large bear prowling about. We were very excited to observe the bear… from a very safe distance. After about ten minutes of watching, the bear wandered out of sight. A few minutes later, the next door neighbor whistled through our window and told us the bear was in our front driveway. Through the front window, I watched it scamper up the driveway and out onto the back road. Some of us ventured (very cautiously) out the front door and peeked up over the ridge at the top of the driveway to see that the bar had already run down the road, just in time to see it high-tail it up a hill back into the woods.

Nothing like a close encounter with nature to keep things exciting!

This year’s retreat was a complete success all around. We’re already planning the next one.